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The Home guard

No description


on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of The Home guard

Weapon that the home guards used .
One of the weapons that home guards used was a Nº 74 ST Grenade (Sticky Bomb). This weapon proved to be so dangerous that, in the main, the regular forces refused it and so it was issued to the Home Guard instead!
What type of injuries did the home guards suffer from ?
Some home guards were injured by their own weapons . Other were shot accidentally by other volunteers.
What happened to the women whilst the war happened ?
The women no longer cooked so much and concentrated on farming whilst the men were away. And they had a special name they were called the land girls.
The women before the world war 2
The women before the world war 2 used to clean , cook and look after their children.

Thank you!
The Home guards
The Home guards, were volunteers, who defended the five thousand miles of Britain coastline in the event of the invasion by Germany.

The Home guards defended key targets like factories ,explosive stores ,beaches and sea fronts .
The home guards and the land girls
By Cezara and Isha
The job of the land girls .
After the world war 2 the women were aloud to do men jobs because they proved that they could do it .
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