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NFL Combine Training Presentation

The presentation for our potential NFL Combine trainees at Cal Strength

Peter Bauman

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of NFL Combine Training Presentation

NFL Combine & Pr Day Preparation
Our goal is to prepare players not just for superior results at their NFL Combine and Pro Day events, but to set them up for success through their rookie season and the rest of their professional football career as well. Sustainable Results Our Combine Preparation always begins with a comprehensive physical evaluation. Our team identifies and addresses prior injuries, muscular imbalances and general strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation helps us craft a training program that corrects these issues while simultaneously preparing the athlete for the Combine Events. Philosophy Live In $10,000
Room & Board
Supplements & Nutrition Plan
Training (Strength & Conditioning, Drill, Position)
Recovery & Regeneration
Live Out $5,000
Training (Strength & Conditioning, Drill, Position)
Supplements & Nutrition
Recovery & Regeneration Pricing Financial Planning Interview, Testing & Life Skills 4 Sessions/week of Speed Work

3 Sessions/week of Position Specific Work

3 Sessions/week of Strength & Conditioning

2 Sessions/week of Active Recovery & Regeneration Work Training Schedule Class of 2011
All Time Combine Record (all Positions):
3-Cone Drill

2nd All-Time results (All Positions):
20 Yard Shuttle
60 Yard Shuttle

Result – UFA, Houston Texans Jeff Maehl “Thanks for being a part
of the team!”
- #43, TJ Ward TJ “Boss” Ward The California Strength NFL Combine Prep Program is a grass roots initiative. Over the past 9 years, California Strength has worked with some of the Bay Area’s top high school football players, many of whom have gone on to flourish at the collegiate level. Some of these players have received NFL Combine Invites or wanted to participate in their respective University Pro Day Events, and several players requested that California Strength handle their preparation. As a result, our NFL Combine Preparation program was born. The Program grew quickly in size and sophistication as more and more athletes demanded our services based on the performance of our graduates. Today, the California Strength Combine Prep program is recognized as one of the best boutique programs in the Country. A Grass Roots Program

40 yard dash – 4.3 seconds at Pitt Pro Day Brennan Marion We limit the size of our combine prep classes to ensure that we are giving as much attention as possible to each athlete, and create a customized nutrition, training and recovery program for every single player In the three classes that we have trained, we have helped athletes set personal bests and outperform expectations, helping them to raise their stock going into the draft and signing period. A Track Record of Success Guy McIntyre All-Pro SS
Donovin Darius Position Specific Work w/ Former NFL Players & Coaches California Strength works with the best sports medicine, nutrition and physical therapy experts to provide cutting edge
techniques and services for our combine prospects Goals Dictate Intake
Early on intake and supplementation supports gains in muscle and reductions in body fat
As show-time approaches intake throttles down and supplementation shifts to avoid muscle loss and feeling sluggish

Customized Programs From Our Dietitians overseen be our Ph.D.'s
Customize nutrition and supplementation to radically change body composition
Match on a daily basis nutrition with exercise
Get phenomenal results in a short period for athletes on a tight schedule
Endless customization because we control the manufacturing! Nutrition/Supplements Where: 2nd Round, Cleveland Browns 40 yard dash – 4.54 seconds

Bench Press – 8th best (19 reps) All-time NFL Combine Record (still stands) 6.42 second 3-cone drill Chris Owusu Tampa Bay Buccaneers Short drive from Berkeley, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, & Tahoe

Right down the freeway from Walnut Creek, one of the Bay Area's premiere spots for shopping and dining We Own the Bay 6th Round, Cincinnati Bengals Support Will Hewlett Demetric Evans Nate Kenion Ryan Whalen Keola Antolin Ryan Whalen Mental Tactical Prep Sport Specific Preparation General Physical Preparation Over 25 years experience
Former Athletic Trainer w/ 49ers
Internationally renowned (Yao Ming, Nicky Hayden)

Head Medical Doctor for Bay Area's Leading Expert:
Soft Tissue Work
Myofascial Release
Chiropractic Cutting edge science-based dietary supplements & plans TJ “Boss” Ward Miami Dolphins Arizona Pro Day:

4.26 hand-timed 40 yard dash Athlete Training Model Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Flexibility, Mobility Athletic Potential I Athletic Potential II Who We Are Year 1 - 2nd Round Draft Choice
Year 2 - Combine Record
Year 3 - Top WR 40 Time
Year 4 - ? Jeff Maehl Houston Texans Olympic Lifting: Athlete Training: 10 National Championships
3 national records
16 Pacific Weightlifting Association Records
8 World Team Members
7 Pan-Am Team Members 40+ D1 Athletes
1 Team USA T&F NFL Recovery Recovery The Premiere Athletic Training Facility in the Bay Area First Australian born NCAA D1 player
Has coached over 40 D1 QBs in the SEC, ACC, Big 10 and Pac12
Has consulted with NFL, UFL, and numerous NCAA coaches about passing mechanics 49er Legend 3x Superbowl Winner
5x Pro-Bowler, 3x All-Pro
The original short-yardage blocking back in Bill Walsh's "Elephant" package Regeneration Comprehensive Program Sample Tests recovery and regeneration World-class Sports Medicine & Rehab Experts Advice from Former Combine Trainees *also posted #2 all-time results in the 20 and 60 yard shuttle drills Custom Nutrition and Supplement plans Your Success Internationally Recognized S&C Coaches Experience Scouting Combine The Combine is the most important job interview of your life! We want to make sure that we do everything we can to help you put your best foot forward. What They're Saying Chris Owusu Jeff Maehl Ryan Whalen TJ Ward Roy Helu Jr Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cincinnati Bengals, 6th Rnd Washington Redskins, 4th Rnd Cleveland Browns, 2nd Rnd Houston Texans Our program is not only customized to address your every need, but we'll also be with you every step of the way, from your training, to the actual Combine, and all the way through your University Pro Day Training & Performance Physiology Sport Specific Tactical Character Environment A Track Record of Success Choosing California Strength as the place to train was the best decision I made in preparation for the combine. It was a very competitive and fun atmosphere that was also small enough so that I received lots of one on one attention from Dave Spitz and the other coaches. The plan was personalized to everything that I needed and wanted, and the results showed as I got personal records in every testing event at the combine. California Strength took care of all my needs from nutrition to recovery as well. I would highly encourage anyone that California Strength is no doubt the best possible place to prepare for the combine and an NFL future.
- #88, Ryan Whalen Out of 46 total WR

Top 10 results – Vertical Jump, 20 & 60 Yard
Shuttles, and 3-Cone Drill

Top 15 results – Bench Press, Broad Jump Ryan Whalen Jeff Maehl The California Strength family is truly the best. I came to Cal Strength for combine prep and was so thankful I did. The attention to detail, along with a specific and competitive program allowed me to excel at the 2012 NFL Combine. The numbers don't lie; you can't get training like this anywhere else.
- #80, Chris Owusu Top of the Line Treatment Equipment and Protocols to keep you training hard There's no such thing as Over-training; there is only Under-recovery.
- David Spitz Berkeley San Francisco Walnut Creek San Jose The best Position Specific Coaches available to help you master every drill you'll face Using our comprehensive Integrative Athlete Approach, we make sure to address every aspect of performance and ability, preparing the athlete for everything that they will face during the process. We've been there, and we know what to expect This is the biggest job interview of your life!
We'll help you pass with flying colors Practice Tests Financial Planning Interview Coaching Mental For example: Recovery Regeneration Customized nutrition plans designed by our team of sports nutrition and medical experts to maximize performance Regular body composition analysis to ensure that you get to your ideal bodyweight and size Time-tested methods for mastering each test you'll face at the combine Philosophy NFL Combine & Pro Day Prep Our program is comprehensive and will address every aspect of training that you need 10 National Championships
3 national records
16 Pacific Weightlifting Association Records
8 World Team Members
7 Pan-Am Team Members We help dozens of athletes get to the next level each year in a multitude of sports Olympic Lifting: We know strength & conditioning. Where Full Service Spacious housing in the heart of Downtown San Ramon, w/ pool & hot tub, conveniently located down the street from our facility Prepared meals on training day, and shopping taken care of so you don't have to deal with it All appointments and sessions scheduled for you Transportation provided if necessary Media & Interview Coaching
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