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Romeo and Juliet - Characters

No description

on 22 January 2017

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet - Characters

Romeo and Juliet
-- Characters

Relative of the prince and friend of Romeo

Talkative, witty, and somewhat of a clown
A young relative of the prince

Hopes to marry Juliet
Juliet's maid and confidante

Acts as a messenger for Romeo and Juliet
Friar Laurence
A priest who tries to help Romeo and Juliet
The Feuding Families
Capulet: Juliet's father; easily angered

Lady Capulet: Juliet's mother; cold and distant

Montague: Romeo's father; concerned about his son

Lady Montague: Romeo's mother; peace-loving
The Nurse
Lady Capulet's nephew and Juliet's cousin

Violent and quick-tempered

Loves to duel
Montague's son

Loved and respected in Verona

Falls in love with Juliet
Capulet's daughter

Only 13 years old

Falls in love with Romeo
Montague's nephew and friend of Romeo and Mercutio

A peacemaker
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