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Taxonomy of the African Elephant.

No description

bolu ogunniyi

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Taxonomy of the African Elephant.

Classification of the African Elephant
Mammals are vertebrate animals that feed their young milk.They all have hair at some point of their lives.They are generally warm-blooded. Most of this specie give birth to a live young one.There are approximately 5000 species of mammals. The origin of the word Mammalia is from Late Latin between 1820-1830.
In this family there's only Elephants and Mammoths. It was first described by John Edward Gray in 1821.They are mammals with trunks and tusks,thick skin,foot like four giant pillars,big flapping ears. Elephants are the largest land living animals.
Chordata is an animal Phylum that includes vertebrate animals and humans but not all chordatas are vertebrate. They have a Notochord,Dorsal Hollow Nerve Cord, Pharyngeal Slits and a Post-anal Tail. It includes fish,amphibians, reptiles, bird and some mammals.
The African Elephant are the only elephants in the genus of Loxodonta.Loxodonta comes from the Greek word loxo (oblique sided) and donta (tooth). This genus consist of two extant species, the African bush elephant and the small forest elephant. The genus name Loxodonta was made up by George Curvier.African elephants are among the world's most intelligent species.
Taxonomy of the African Elephant.
In the order of Proboscidae, Elephants are the only survivors left in this order. Most of them went extinct after the Glacial period like the Mammoths and Mastodons.The last living Proboscidaes are the Asian and African Elephants. All the animals in this order have a trunk used grab food and water.
African elephant could be found in Eastern,Southern and West Africa. They like dense forest, mopane, woodlands, Sahelian scrub or deserts.
Amazing facts about the African Elephant
On average, an elephant can hear another elephant’s call at 4 km.
# 1
Fact # 2
African elephant have four molars and each molars weigh about 5kg!
Fact number 3
A baby elephant weighs about 250 pounds at birth while an adult elephant weigh about 7000 pounds.
Animalia is an animal that is multicellular and is either Invertebrate or Vertebrate.Some of them undergo a metamorphosis sometimes during their lives.All animals are heterotrophs meaning that in some way they feed on another animal directly or indirectly.
African Elephants
African elephants use their trunks to make loud sounds to scare predators away. They can also use their trunks and tusks and their skins are too tough for mosquito bites.

Young elephants’ predators are lions and crocodiles.

Adult elephant’s only predators are humans who hunt them for their tusks that are made of ivory.
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