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No description

Brian Gilbert

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Music


Our Central Idea is .....
Cultural Values are
Expressed Thru
Our Central
1. Progression of Music
2. Ceremonial Music
3. Meaningful Lyrics
to the Brain
Our Lines Of
Of Music

Presentation By:
Isabelle Davis,
Brian Gilbert,
Hailey Highland,
Dylan Vendel, and
Kristina Wheeler

Ceremonial Music
Fun Facts
The words "Happy Birthday to you" were originally written to say "good morning to you"
Jingle bells was originally written for Thanksgiving.
Rock & Roll
The beat of the music you listen to affects the beat of your heart
Blues music started during World War 2 and when some people listen to Blues music they remember all the people who died for our country.
Rap music started as an unlikable music and turned into a huge sensation
Rap music changed from singing the lyrics to almost yelling them in a fast rhythm
TAPS is a military music that is played at funerals and flag ceremonies
A Quinceanera or Quinceanero is a big celebration in Mexico for a girls or boys 15 year old birthday
Meaningful Lyrics
For The
Music is so powerful it can form ice crystals
Music is the same for us, it can affect how we turn out!
Thank you for listening!
We will now take questions or comments

Can we have some volunteers?
Jazz - 1900- 1930
Blues - 1930- 1940
Folk- 1940- 1950
Rock & Roll- 1950- 1970
Funk- 1970- 1980
Disco- 1980- 1990
Grunge Rock & Roll
Pop & Rap- 2000- Now
Makey - Makey
Makey-Makey is a fun activity that we will be doing with you. As you may know, everyone's body conducts electricity and when you touch the play doh connected to the black wire the electricity is conducted into you. Once you touch the black wire you may touch any other color wire of your choice. Have fun!
Thank You!
Thank you to Steve Asper of the technology department of White Bear Lake for being an amazing mentor and helping us
Thank you to Graciella for letting us interview her and letting us use her instruments
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