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Slam Poetry Resources

A prezi explaining and demonstrating slam poetry resources for secondary school teachers.

Brad Cunningham

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Slam Poetry Resources

YouTube Movies Video Words In slam & spoken word, there are an abundance of resources through video, word, and community. Authentic Audience Slam Poetry Resources Everything you need to know to be a confident performer:

writing powerful poems, stage techniques, going on tour. Tongues of Fire WordPlay The reason slam works is not because of the poets, but because of the audience. That the poems live to find the ears of peers is what drives our youth poets. Give them an audience. Community WordPlay is a program that operates by sending poets into high schools, elementary schools and community centres to run performance and writing workshops. By bringing contemporary, active poets into the classroom, the program makes poetry immediate and relevant to teachers and students alike. Poets: Barbara Adler
Francis Arevalo
Tessa Bourguignon
Chrystalene Buhler
Jillian Christmas
Zaccheus Jackson
Erin Kirsh Mo Lawrence
Sonya Little John
Sean McGarragle
Brendan McLeod
Jonny MacRae
RC Weslowski
Chris Gilpin Much like Wordplay, Tongues of Fire also sends poets into schools for workshops with the students. Slam Nation Brave New Voices Louder Than a Bomb PoetrySlamVancouver TheStriversRow ReynoldsSlamPoetry Leads you through the process of starting your own slam, including:

Creating a vision, finding a venue, light and mics, recruiting volunteers, promoting and publicizing, taking ownership of your event, and negotiating fair compensation. A case study of Hip-Hop and Spoken Word used in classrooms to study conflict. Discusses poems written by popular spoken word artists and musicians; process, inspiration, performance, etc. School Classroom
In-Class Coffee house
teaching and learning)
Open mics
Slams Community Open Mics
Workshops Artstarts
http://artstarts.com/forms-amp-deadlines Anis Mojgani
Buddy Wakefield
RC Weslowski
Tara Hardy
Chris August
Mike McGee
Shayne Koyczan Trevor Spilchen (Spillious)
Brad Cunningham
MJ Hunt Learn Then Burn - Tim Stafford & Derrick Brown
ISBN: 978-0-9842515-7-5
Write Bloody Press
Teacher Guide/Workbooks
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