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Chapter 20 : Opthalmic Surgeon in Hongkong(1891-1892)

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Poebhe Curioso

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 20 : Opthalmic Surgeon in Hongkong(1891-1892)

Chapter 20 : Opthalmic Surgeon in Hongkong(1891-1892)
Dear Blumentritt,
On the same date, his brother-in-law, Manuel T. Hidalgo, sent him a letter, relating the sad news of the “deportation of twenty-five persons from Calamba, including father, Neneng, Sisa, Lucia, Paciano, and the rest of us.” Also stated in his letter that he was preparing a letter to the Queen Regent of Spain explaining the Calamba situation in order to secure justice. Even saying such as :
“If the Queen will not listen, we will write to Queen Victoria of England appealing for protection in the name of humanity…”

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Reasons for leaving Europe:
Arrived in Hongkong
November 20, 1891 – Rizal arrived in Hong Kong
He was welcomed by the Filipino residents, especially his old friend, Jose Ma. Basa.
He then established his residence at No. 5 D’ Aguilar Street, No. 2 Rednaxola Terrace, where he also opened his medical clinic.
Life was unbearable in Europe because of his political differences with Marcelo H. Del Pilar and other Filipinos in Spain.
To be near his idolized Philippines and Family.
Farewell to Europe
Rizal left Ghent for Paris on October 3, 1891

He proceeded by train to Marseilles and on October 18, he boarded the steamer Melbourne bound for Hong Kong.

He brought with him a letter of recommendation by Juan Luna for Manuel Camus, a compatriot living in Singapore, and 600 copies of the Fili.
Since we left Marseilles,we have had....magnificent weather. The sea is calm,placid like glass,the sky blue,the air fresh and invigorating.Truly it is a heavenly trip.
Your friend,

There were over 80 first class passengers – mostly Europeans, including 2 Spaniards.
“..He is a fine fellow, a Father Damaso without pride and malice..”

December 1, 1891 – he wrote to his parents asking their permission to return home.
Before Christmas of 1891, he was gladdened by the arrival of his father, brother and Silvestre Ubaldo (his brother-in-law) in Hong Kong.
Not long afterwards his mother and sisters Lucia, Josefa , and Trinidad also arrived.
January 31, 1892
Dear Blumentritt,

Here we are all living together, my parents, sisters, and brother in peace and far from persecutions they suffered in the Philippines. They are very much pleased with the English government.


Dr. Lorenzo P. Marques
Friends of Rizal who were in Europe praised him
Mr. Boustead,Biarritz
Dr. Ariston Bautista Lin,Paris
Don Antonio Vergel de Dios

March 7-April 20,1892
Endorses the Borneo Colonization Project:
Juan & Antonio Luna
Lopez Jaena
Ferdinand Blumentritt
Dr. Bautista Lin
Objected to the Project:
Events that gave Rizal hope:
Removal of Gov. Valenciano Weyler from position
New Gov. Eulegio Depujol announced a fine program of government
Writings in
Ang mga Karapatan ng Tao(The Rights of Man)
A La Nacion Española(To the Spanish Nation)
Sa mga Kababayan(To my Countrymen)
Rizal contribute articles to the British Daily Newspaper - The HongKong Telegraph.
March 2, 1892
“Una Visita a la Victoria Gaol” (A Visit to Victoria Gaol)
He wrote articles in French entitled “Colonisation du British North, par de Familles de Iles Philippines” (Colonization of British North Borneo by Families from the Philippines Island). He elaborated on the same idea in another article in Spanish, “proyecto de Colonizacion del British North Borneo por los Filipinos” (Project of the Colonization of British North Borneo by the Filipinos).
June, 1892
“La Mano Roja” (The Red Hand)
Constitution of the Liga Filipina – most important writing.
Decision to return to
1. To confer with Governor Despujol regarding his Borneo colonization project.

Rizal planned to move the landless Filipino families Filipino families to North Borneo (Sabah), rich British owned island and carve out of its virgin wildness a “New Calamba”
2. To establish the Liga Filipina in Manila
LA LIGA FILIPINA (The Philippine League)

The Regulations of La Liga Filipina by Rizal’s hand

Constitution of the Liga Filipina

3. To prove that Eduardo de Lete was wrong in attacking him in Madrid that he (Rizal), being comfortable and safe in Hong Kong, had abandoned the country’s cause.
Eduardo de Lete
June 19, 1892 – he spent his 31st birthday in Hong Kong.
June 20, 1892 - He had a premonition of his death, and he wrote two letters which he sealed inscribed in each envelope “to be opened after my death”, and gave them to his friend Dr. Marques for safekeeping.
First Letter, addressed
Second Letter, addressed TO THE FILIPINOS.
June 21, 1982
He penned another letter in Hong Kong for General Despujol, incidentally his third letter to that discourteous Spanish chief executive.
Rizal and his sister Lucia, widow of Herbosa, left in Hong Kong for Manila.
They carried a special passport or “safe-conduct” issued by the Spanish consul-general in Hong Kong.
Rizal Falls Into Spanish Trap
The Spanish Consul-General sent a cablegram to Governor Despujol that the victim "
is in the trap
On the same day (June 21,1892)
a secret case was filed against Rizal and his
followers for "Anti-religious and anti-patriotic agitation"

Despujol ordered his secretary,
Luis de la Torre if Rizal was a
naturalized German citizen.
Rizal was eating alone at a table.
German ladies at a bigger table are gossip about him being the only asian.
Rizal just kept silent though he knew what they were saying.
Door of dining room flew open
German lady:"
If this man in front of us were a gentleman he would close the door
Rizal,being a gentleman,closed the door.
Rizal and the
German Ladies
He conversed with the German ladies in perfect German.
The ladies were embarrassed and soon after they treated Rizal with admiration and respect despite his brown skin for he was a cultured man.
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