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The Top 10 Han Dynasty Inventions

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Alex Hovsepian

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of The Top 10 Han Dynasty Inventions

Top 10 Inventions of the Han Dynasty 4: Industry 5: Paper 6: Agriculture 8: Crossbow 7: Compass 9:Kite 10: Astronomy Industry includes wells and the foot powered machine that wound silk onto a reel. The well brought up seawater to draw out the salt. Salt, along with silk, was a very important trade item. Paper was easier to right on then bamboo, and cheaper than silk. It also brought along the art of calligraphy, a beautiful handwriting created by one or more strokes with a paintbrush. Agriculture includes the chain pump, iron plow, and wheelbarrow. Really, the only people these inventions benefited were farmers and, for the wheelbarrow, merchants. I rated it 6 because it also helped people get a source of food. The compass had a very importable base, and had
a lodestone spoon that's handle always pointed
south. I probably would've given it a higher rating if it was portable. The crossbow was a sturdier weapon then the bow and arrow, and had a longer range. And it's given me plenty of funny moments watching Senior trying to shoot it on American Chopper. Wow! Pretty colors in the sky! Guess what. That's a kite. They scared away enemies at nights by tying bamboo to it,and it sounded like a ghost saying "Beware" in Chinese. And, it was kind of entertaining to fly when you were little. Astronomy includes comets, solar eclipses, and moon shine. (NOT the alcohol) I mean, it's great that they discovered these things, but what does this do for mankind? It doesn't heal the sick or have the ability to be a weapon, so what use does it have? 3: Seismograph The seismograph was basically a pendelum
inside a circular bronze case. Eight animal
heads with balls inside their mouths. Anytime
there was an earthquake, the pendelum would swing and knock the ball out of the animal head's mouth. 2: Flex Armor The flex armor was a more flexible armor that
soldiers could've used in battle. It was made up
of thousands of tiny chains that moved with the body of the soldier. 1: Medicine Medicine included acupuncture, moxibustion, and
anesthetics. I think this is the most important because it could heal wounded soldiers and revive the sick. People still use it today. Congratulations Han Dynasty.
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