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Alexander III

No description

Kevin Donohue

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Alexander III

- Macedonians and Greeks take over
Persian satrap system
- Empire splits up into four smaller Empires
among Diadochi
1. Seleucid - Persia and Mesopotamia
2. Ptolemy - Egypt
3. Pergamon - Asia Minor
4. Macedonia
- Warfare is nearly constant between
these states, but no major changes Alexander's Origins Phillip II of Macedon - Alexander's Father
- Leads Macedonia to conquer Greece
- Perfects the Phalanx formation
- Assassinated in 336 BC Alexander's Childhood
- Tutored by Aristotle
- Proficient in all areas - physical and intellectual
- Worked with his Companions at school - future generals The Conquering of the "World" - 334 BC: Crosses into Asia
- Conquers Asia Minor, Syria
- 332 BC: Conquers Egypt
- 331 BC: Battle of Gaugamela - last major battle against Persia
- 329 BC: Controls Persian Empire
- 327 BC: Invades India
- 324 BC: Army revolts, Alexander turns back
- 323 BC: Alexander dies at Age 32 Political Effects Cultural Effects - HELLENIZATION
- Greek becomes major language
- Greek culture and literature becomes central
- Trade increases
- Mediterranean world joins Mesopotamian world
- Decline of polis, rise of kings and mercenaries Homework : Page 276 #2a, 2c, 3a, 3b, 4
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