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Copy of Unpacking the Common Core State Standards

This prezi is designed to assist teachers during the implementation of the Common Core State Standards

Ms Tyson

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Unpacking the Common Core State Standards

How do we translate the CCSS using the 4 C's
into our daily instruction? De Vargas Learning Day Why make the CCSS transition? Connect CCSS to the 4 C's Share with your table group one example of CCSS and the 4C's being implemented in the video? UnPacking the Standards Apply it to your classroom. Step 5:
Connect it to your Unit Map and daily lesson plans STEP 1:
Where Am I What do I do? Step 3:
Unwrap the Standard Step 2: Look deeper at the CCSS strands. Step 4:
Organize your information Common Core Standards Crosswalk EZ At the end of this presentation you will:

1. Know that understanding the expectation of the standard is the most important part in teaching the standard.

2. Be able to use a step by step process for
unpacking each standard. What do I need to do to get there? What Changes have been made? Looking ahead? Old vs. New Underline the concept (nouns and noun phrases) This is: What students NEED TO KNOW Circle the skills (verbs) This is: What students NEED TO BE ABLE TO DO 1. Organize the concepts under headings 2. List each skill with its related concept(s) in parentheses 3. Identify the approximate level of each skill according to levels of Blooms Taxonomy What is my role now?
Make a Graphic Organizer The graphic organizer can be what ever you are comfortable with. Brainstorm daily lessons with your colleagues
Share ideas
Visit each others classrooms
Integrate technology
Become the facilitator AND Keep Upgrading... Reflect on our Essential Question:

How do we translate the CCSS
using the 4 C's into our daily instruction? Share with a partner at your table group one area you are familiar with and one area that will be new to your classroom instruction.

Brainstorm with your partner how you can bridge the gap between the familiar and the new. Upgrade your lessons with CCSS. Next Steps Unit Map implementation
Instructional Shifts
Staff Development on 4 C's
Technology Implementation
Formative Assessments
Instructional Rounds Nancy Ross presents -Communicator
-Teacher Balance CST and CCSS
Implement CCSS effectively
Change instructional practice
Provide opportunities for students to practice the 4 C’s
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