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MAST Celebration of Learning

MAST Presentation

Kim Robbins

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of MAST Celebration of Learning

Double click anywhere & add an idea MAST Celebration of Learning Karen Deibel
Mike Kah
Kim Robbins April 19, 2010 What is MAST? http://affiliate.kickapps.com/_Sailboat-Sunset-at-Thumpertown/photo/2433486/26190.html Evolving Student Centered Shift in Focus its a change in perspective... Our Lessons Twizzler Activity Measurement Experiential The Brothers' Race Problem Interpretive Translating Among
Multiple Representations Student Discourse Real World Context MAST means Teacher as Facilitator Not an Expert... Not a dictator... Not a manager... Not a "teller"... Student Development Goals Developing Learners Who: accept a challenge
take a risk
be respectful and open to the ideas of others
Are Willing to: Understand: that failure is a part of success
the importance of setting goals and developing strategies to meet these goals
that hard work is a part of success Collaboration Student Student Student Teacher Teacher Teacher Teachers need each other to become better teachers to be
continued... Supportive Environment Shared Vision Ongoing Improvement of Instruction Teacher Reflections Closure Prezie by Kim Photo sources:

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