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LP6 - Text Speak

No description

Willie Reaves Jr

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of LP6 - Text Speak

Text Speak! How to write
text messages
in English What is "text speak?" The slang and short words
that people use in text messages What do these mean? ASAP As soon as possible Please turn in the paper ASAP beauase it is late! B4 Before I have to clean my room b4 my friends can come over. bc because btw by the way Oh btw, I lost your phone number. BRB (I'll) be right back Wait just a minute, BRB! Jk Just kidding! You all failed the exam!!!
Jk! :-) Kk Ok, that's cool LOL laughing out loud My dad got a Samsung Galaxy SIII and now he thinks he's so cool! LOL! Np No problem OMG Oh my God/Oh my gosh! OMG! I just won tickets to
see the Big Bang concert! ROFL Rolling on the floor
laughing (used when
something is hilarious) SMH Shaking my head (used
to express disappointment) Thx Thanks/thank you Ttyl (I'll) talk to you later Ur You are/your How Text Speak is Formed 1. First letters are used to make an acronym
2. Numbers represent sounds
3. Vowels are left out of the word
4. Spelling is changed to make it shorter
5. More than one of the above
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