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Amazing Planet Permaculture Bootcamp

4 hour brief introductory workshop on principles and applications of Permaculture

Ei Ei Khin

on 25 July 2010

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Transcript of Amazing Planet Permaculture Bootcamp

Permaculture Bootcamp
@ Amazing Planet Farm! Agenda 1-3pm
Web Activity
Evidence to act
3 Ethics Agenda 3-5pm
12 Principles
Tour Assignment
Recap & Next Steps Major problems we face today Sustainability

Regeneration Definitions Permaculture = Abundance 3 Ethics Earth Care People Care Fair Share ex: Organics! ex: Recidivism
Program ex: Fair Trade EPF
? ? ? E&P
? P&F E&F 1. Observe & Interact

2. Catch & Store Energy
-Solar panels

3. Obtain a yield

4. Apply self-regulation & accept feedback

5. Use & value renewable resources & services

6. Practice no waste
-lawn scraps, leaves composted back in

7. Design from patterns to details

8. Integrate rather than segregate
-neighbors, school groups volunteering at farm

9. Use small and slow solutions

10. Use and value diversity
-growing varieties, not a single crop or a single variety of a crop

11. Use edges & value the marginal

12. Creatively use & respond to change
12 Principles TAPO V A S T Water- fresh
Ocean Acidification
Consumption - over
Oppression of women - gender equality
Apathy, Ignorance of what pple are consuming
Competition for resources
Profit motivated economy
Over population
Spritual emptiness - rxn to it, $ or power
Separateness rather than connectedness
Rising sea levels
Too much CO2 and methane
1. environmental problems
2. social/ spiritual
3. economic

humans humans humans

1. population
2. consumption
3. mismanagement of resources
Problem = Human Culture
Permaculture = "permanent solutions to cultural issues" Sus:
-minimal or no waste
-cycle of some form
-a system of making use of waste
-system that is able to support itself infinitely
-not shooting yourself in the foot
-no finite resources being depleted
-fair trade, balance btwn labor and outcome
-product and process
-sustainable for human component
-closed loop system
-beyond sus, replenish, regenerate Masanobu Fukuoka "One Straw Revolution" and seedballs
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