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Copy of Writing a Persuasive Essay

No description

Krystal Logan

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Writing a Persuasive Essay

The Persuasive Essay
Now you're ready to
Write the essay
Persuasive Writing can be used to…
Support a cause
“Please support my football team by buying discount coupons.”
Urge people to action
“Vote for Sarah!”
Make a change
“The principal should let us wear hats.”
Prove something wrong
“Cell phones don’t cause brain cancer.”
Stir up sympathy
“If you don’t adopt this dog,
it will die.”
Create interest
“Better grades get you a better job
and you will make more money.”
Does the writer
to tell
you to believe them?

"Buy Doritos"

Watch this ad. What are they
trying to get you to do?
Here we go...

Step 1: Read and Understand the PROMPT

Prompt: Should students get paid for doing well in school?
Before you write, you should
know your audience…
- Your reader is ALWAYS a concerned adult.
- Your writing should always be academic.
*Do NOT use slang (wanna), text talk (bc / cuz), profanity (***)

Step 2: brainstorm (Pro / Con chart)
-Make a T-chart on the BACK of your ROUGH DRAFT paper
-Let's come up with specific

Lastly, Commentary: why it matters

This is where you will use:

: Trust me, I'm an expert.

: Statistics, graphs, etc.

: Makes you feel an emotion.
Assertion (Reason 1)

Paying students for doing well in school would give them a reason to work hard.

Proof (Concrete example)

For example, one of the most meaningful rewards I received in school was a certificate for reading fifty books in third grade.

: (
Explain why it matters.)

Though it was not actual money, the certificate was valuable to me because it recognized my efforts and long hours spent reading on my own time. Earning it made me feel proud and accomplished. It gave me a goal to work toward and also created my love for reading, which is very important for a successful life and for my future.
Conclude (End) Your Essay…
What makes an good conclusion?
• Last paragraph summarizes your main point.
(Restate your thesis.)

• It wraps up the writing and gives the reader something to think about.

Strategies for Conclusions

Call to Action: Ask the reader to do something or to make something happen.
“I challenge you to write your Congressmen and support monetary incentives for our youth.”

Give a Solution: provide an answer to the problem.
"Our dropout and failure rate will decrease if we just give our students something to work for.”

Make a Prediction: explain the consequences of action or inaction.
“If schools would pay our students for making good grades, they would have more academic success in the future.”

The reasons / examples I will talk about in my essay:

Reason 1:
Able to help parents.
Example 1:
Making money in school could allow me to
help my parents with bills.

Reason 2:

It helps kids who live in poverty.
Example 2:

Will be able top buy things my parents cannot
afford, like new clothes.
-Now Choose which side to argue
*Pick the side that you can argue better.
*It isn't what you think but what you can PROVE

YES, students SHOULD get paid for making good grades

(why students should get paid)
(why students should NOT get paid)
Never ever ever ever ever switch sides: paying students for doing well in school could be bad because they could use the money to buy drugs.
How is this similar to short answer?
Does anyone know the word for trying to convince someone to change his or her mind about something?”

Persuasive Writing: tries to convince a reader to do or think the way you do. It is like a sales pitch—but instead of selling a product, you are selling your point of view.
You to go to ITT
Improves quality of life.
Why is the commercial so convincing?
Warm-up: Brainstorm

Scenario: You're grounded, but there is something you really want to go to this weekend. How are you going to persuade your parents to let you go? Give me the reasons you will use.
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