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The Zealots

No description

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Zealots

The Zealots
Around A . D 60s
The Philistines had strong cities, and they knew how to make iron tools and weapons. Their civilization was strong because of the economy that they had then.
The rule of King Herod was known for his cruelty and the additions he made to the Jewish temples in Jerusalem
The Rule of King Herod
After King Herod died, the Romans replaced the Jewish kings. Instead they had Jewish officials.
The Pharisees also taught in synagogues and were supported by the common people.
This about the many important people in the Babylonian time.
The Time in Babylon
The Jews called their time in Babylon an exile. While in Babylon, a small group of Jews met on Sabbath Day.
The Jews
Some Jews believed that
they should fight the Romans and take back
control of their kingdom. These people,
called Zealots, convinced many Jews to
take up arms against the Romans in A.D. 66.
The rebellion was brutally crushed.

The Philistines
Saul the young warrior farmer
Samuel anointed Saul as king. In other
words, he blessed him with oil to show that
God had chosen him.
David’s fame as a warrior spread.
The Bible shows his fame by telling
this story. Just before a battle against
the Philistines, a giant Philistine
named Goliath called out in a loud
voice. He dared any Israelite to fight
him one-on-one. David stepped forward
with his shepherd’s staff, a
slingshot, and five smooth stones.
“Am I a dog that you come against
me with a staff?” Goliath roared. He
rushed forward with a heavy spear,
but David was too quick for him. He
hurled one stone straight at the giant’s
forehead, and Goliath dropped dead
on the spot.

King Herod
King David
The Zealots were bunch from Jews who wanted to take control back from then cruel, vicious, Romans. They led a uprising that drove them out.

Many Jews were waiting for a messiah or deliver sent by God. The Zealots wanted to fight against the Romans for their freedom.
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