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Harry houdini

No description

Zoe Lushbaugh

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Harry houdini

Jail Break: Houdini does this trick at all of the cities he travels to. He gets locked in a jail cell with pretty much nothing on, he would be locked in there and his clothes would be locked in another cell. He escapes from his cell and then goes into the other to retrieve his clothes. This is how his fame gets started in that city or town.

Famous escapes: He has so many escapes I could not pick a favorite.
Houdinis' Tricks
Quote: A grammer Lesson from Houdini's Manager "Don't say, 'I ain't got nothing up my sleeve". Harry stated this to the audience and because of his poor schooling and the things he has heard on the streets it came out improper. Something I learned that was a life lesson for Houdini is that he never gave up. Even with all of his harsh competitors and his families passing, that never discouraged him. Some challenges that Harry faced are his competitors, finance for his family, his family's passing, and his health. His competitors always gave him more challenges to fulfill. His father wanted him to take care of Cecilia (his mother) so whenever he earned money he would send it home to Cecilia. He was broken when his mother died he didn't know what to do, he even thought about quitting being a magician. He had fabulous health though he did suffer from an appendix and kidney problem.
Harry's Character
Part one
Harry's Achievements
Harry Houdini
Prezi by Zoe Lushbaugh
Written by Vicki Cobb
Book was Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini's real name is Ehrich Weiss. Harry changed his name because of his idol, Robert Houdin. He added a "i" to the back of Houdin, and his brother calls him Errie ( instead of Ehrich) so in America that sounded like Harry. Ehrich was born in Budapest, Hungary on March twenty-fourth, 1874. He died October thirty-first, 1926 (Halloween).
Harry Houdini is famous for his amazing escapes and his defying Magic. He was the first man to fly an Airplane in Australia. He owned a Movie Company though he was not a good actor he did make five films. He even traveled the world debunking and proving that Mediums were frauds.
(Mediums were people who claimed that they could communicate with the deceased.)

Born March twenty-
fourth, 1874 in Buda-
pest, Hungary.
The Weiss family
moves to America
and settles in New
Ehrich discovers his
his idol, Robert Houdin.
He soon after changes
his name.
Houdini becomes a magic-
ian and starts working with
his brother Theo, Also know-
n as the "Brothers Houdini".
June 22, 1894
Houdini marries Bess
Rahner, and she takes
Theos' place in Harry's act.
Harry and Bess toured
dime museums, that is
when Harry developed
escapes with hand-cuffs
and strait jackets.
Harry and Bess travel
to Europe and Harry
Becomes the "King of
March 18, 1910
Houdini becomes
the first person to
successfully fly a
plane in Australia.
Houdini made five
films and begins
his own production
Harry began his
campaign to
expose all Mediums.
October 31,1926
Harry Houdini dies
from a infection due
to his ruptured
Five words to Describe Houdini
Harry's Character
Part Two
Three things that make this person important are: His mystifying magic, his hope at trying to dispose of all mediums, and his life's character. He did wonderful tricks to improve his popularity. He went to mediums after his mom died to try to speak to his mom, he even offered a reward to the person who could prove that they were a real Medium.He did have a nice character throughout his whole life, He was nice to everyone and loved all the challenges and attentions. Harry Houdini was an amazing magician and he did add more challenges to the magic arts. He only let one person know his tricks and let him do them, that was his brother Theo. All of the Magicians around the world tried to wear him down by making tricks just like his and completing them better. They all failed. When he traveled to Europe he faced many, many, many, challenges. The one part of Harry Houdini's life that I admire most is his Courage in his tricks. On stage he never seemed scared or afraid that he would mess up, he always had courage.
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