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Texas By:Emma Ezrine

No description


on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Texas By:Emma Ezrine

1.Texas is trying to become its own country
2.population 26 million
3.There are 14 million cows in Texas
4. Abriviation TX
5.state instument guitar
6.pepper jalapeno
7.snack tortilla chips and salsa
8.fiber and fabric cotton
9.insect monarch butter fly
10.dish cili
11.bird mockingbird
12.grass sideoats grama
13.fruit red grape fruit
14.fish gradalupe bass
Fun Facts
Texas By:Emma Ezrine
*268,601 square miles
If Texas were a country its economy would be as large as of the biggest countries
Govener:Rick Perry (R)
Capitol is Austin
Senators 31
Representatives 36
24 (R)
12 (D)
Counties 254

spanish goveners palace
Historic Location
Fun Location
* At cattleac Ranch you can spray paint cars while learning the history of CR
Cattleac Ranch
* Rivers help form Texas bounderies
*Rich oil feilds
*West Texas is mostly dessert home to cacti lizards and wild cats
* Texas is a big roducer of grain and cotton
Texas has lots of natraul reasorses encluding oil

Cattle range by the million in ranches of Texas providing beef and leather
After the first computer chip was in vented computers have been a big part of Texas
john f kennedy shot and killed dallas Texas
53 people killed by a tornado
Gorge w. Bush elected presedent of USA
Gorge w. Bush realected
masive exploshin kills 35 people 107injured
* Cattleac Ranch was invented and built by a group of hippi artist origonaly from SF
* Big tourist hit
* People now encourage you to spray paint your car because of CR
Long story strait CR is a legend
Political location
Texas state capitol
Location Austin Texas
360,000 square feet of ground space
The building has a potrait of every person that ever served as Texas presedent
made in 1881


1360 miles=total legth
Borders Texas and oklahoma
The water has a red apperance
with a mean flow of 5700 cubic feet per second out of the mouth
Economic location
Pysical Map
A map that shows land for example mountins and planes
political map
A map that shows territorial boundries
Topigraphical map
A map that shows rainfall
Road map
A map that shows roads and highways
Phillips 66
Located in Houston,TX
Supplise oil for TX
2012 became a Energy sourse for the globe
P66 had $51 million assets as of september 30 2013
made in 1772
features 10 rooms and a fountin
the fountin is hunted
the address is 105 millatary palace
Road distance
wce to TX state capitol austin TX is 916 miles
162 from austin to Houstin Phillips 66
197 miles from houstin texas to spanish gov. palace
510 miles from spanish gov. palace to cattleac ranch
273 miles from CR to RRV
total road trip distance=2058
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