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Career Shadowing at Curry Controls

No description

Lily Weaver

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing at Curry Controls

Curry Controls Company Milton Weaver Mechanical Engineer Lily Weaver
4/16/10 The purpose of this company is to help solve customer problems and fix what is needed. They do a lot of work with water and elictricity. This company will probably still be going in 15 years. There will always be a need for water management. At Curry Controls it is important to be respectful of authority and co workers. It is also imperitive that assigned work and be on task. Being on time is also very important. Technology is huge in this job. It could not be done without it. They use computers, radios, and many other engineering forms of cimmunication. They also use technically equipment to work on towers (special engineering thing) and other things. I will not pursue a career in this company. Being a mechanical engineer is never something I have thought about doing. It simply doesnt interest me. I liked the people. They were all very friendly and nice. They seemed to know what they were doing. I disliked that there was a lot of sitting. Yes, you are constantly running around, but there is still a lot of sitting. I like being active and able to move. In order to have this job you have to know a lot about computers and communication. There is a lot of face-to-face and on the phone cimmunication with people. You have to be able to work well with people in order to be successful in this job. A person in the career can make anywhere from 23, 000 to 45, 000. The End. :)
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