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SOA @Oriflame

No description

Jaroslav Kratochvil

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of SOA @Oriflame

Happy? Central Management of the integration traffic
Reusable services exposable in standard formats/protocols
Clear cut between the technical and service level logging
Ability to execute single threaded automated business process with possible parallel executions Not really :-( Not following industry standards
Works well with services developed in the IFS, cumbersom with Orisales and others
Weak ETL solution
Missing advanced security features
Growing number of services
Complex business services to be implemented and automated in the future
Dependent on the IFS (2004) and Oracle
Licensing of the extended server not clear
Not adopted in the other areas (DWH, Online, BI, Orisales)
BPM integration missing Business Process Modelling
and Orchestration SOA is not a revolution. It is EVOLUTION! http://prezi.com/jcbr4shubrlb/soa/ Sales Systems CPM Supply & NPD What is inside the bus? Messaging Services
Interface Services
Management Services
Mediation Services
Metadata Services Service Registry How do we get on the bus? The Spaghetti Incident The Oriflame system integration story - from the spaghetti pot to world of SOA
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