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5 City Tour of USA

No description

J Kelsey

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of 5 City Tour of USA

5 City Tour of USA
Things to do

Brockton, Massachutts

Distance from KCK
1,418 miles or
21 hours 32 min.
3 Historical Facts
Brocktons first name was Bridgewater before they changed it in 1874
1874, Brockton was incorporated as a city on April 6, 1881.
Brockton became famous as a shoe producing canter during the Civil War with orders for army shoes.
Fun Facts

* White Pine Golf Course, White Pines
* Westgage Mall
* Museum Of Science
Things to See/Visit
Fuller Craft Museum
USA Bowling Pro Shop
Brockton Rox
125 schools (not with colleges and universites)
5 colleges and universites
Brockton is the seventh largest city in Massachusetts
New Haven, Connecticut
Distance From KCK
1,273.2 mi.
23hr. 46 min.
Historical Facts
New Haven was originally settled in Europeans.
In 1640 the government established the settlement originally called Quinnipiac was renamed New Haven.
1873 New Haven lost its status as co-capital.
Saint Louis, Missouri
Distance From KCK
253mi. 4 hr. 3 min.
Feb. 1764
Historical Facts
1770-1803 Saint Louiswas a Spanish possession , in 1803 Franch took it back
Saint Louis was founded by the French in 1764
From 1812-1821 Saint Louis was the capital of Missouri territory was incorporated as a city in 1822
1863 the northern part of the part of the state was occupied by Union troops.
In 1836 Arkansas became a state, and turned into, the states capital
Little Rock was thrust into the national and international spotlight in September 1957
Historical Facts
Little Rock, Arkansas
Distance From KCK
6 hr. 14min. 426 miles
Duke University
Tuition Per Year
Durham, North Carolina
January 1- November1
Interesting Facts
Colors: Royal Blue and White
Acceptance Rate: 11.58%
Founded in 1838 in Tinity, NC

Colors: Yale Blue
Founded 1701
Mascot: Handsom Dan
Had 10 people who found Yale
Cleveland Ohio
Distance From KCK
801 miles 1,289km.
Historical Facts
March 29,1990 the Avenue at Tower City Center opens.
1832 Ohio and Erie Canal completed the Ohio river.
1920 Cleveland was the 5th largest city in the nation with a population of 796,841 people.
Black and white kids got to go to school together in 1957
Why I picked Duke
I picked Duke University because it is a good school and I think i would challenge me. Also because the first time i seen it on the computer and they sent me a poster of the school and some other things I knew that is where I wanted to go.
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