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District-Wide PBIS

No description

Rob Lurkins

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of District-Wide PBIS

District-Wide PBIS

To Create District-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support
Elementary Schools are...
Data Collection
Boys Town - Social Skills Training
Discipline Matrices
PBIS Staff Presentations
Create District PBIS Team
Team consists of members from Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Team also includes Special Education, Counselors, Teachers, and District Office Personnel
Participation from all School Sites
Response has been overwhelmingly positive and the team has been welcomed at every site.
Provide Training
Twenty-four teams are attending County PBIS training on October 29th and 30th
Two Murrieta Educators attended Boys Town training
High School and Middle School Administrators are working together to...
Align Discipline Matrices
Standardize the Discipline Matrices for consistency District Wide
Teaching Universal Expectations
Creating common ways to track student behavior data
Forms to track student behavior are created in Aeries for data based decision making.
Administrators, counselors, and teachers can quickly and efficiently communicate behavioral interventions
Suspensions result in a Breakthrough referral
Intervention contracts to promote student success
Buchanan Elementary School
Tovashal Elementary School
Debrief with the 120 Educators that attended the PBIS Training in Riverside
Provide PBIS training to include teachers, parents, support staff, and community
Set universal expectations at all sites and adopt consistent referral forms for data collection
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
They trained the SDC staff at Monte Vista Elementary School
Continue to train and implement Social Skills Training Throughout the District
Alta Murrieta Elementary School
Input behavior incidents in Aeries database consistently district-wide
Next Steps
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