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the wonderful things in the life

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of the wonderful things in the life

Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones is a wonderful person because she gave Roger another chance instead of taking him to jail. She gave him well given advice from when she was in him his place. She hopes one day that he'll be there when some one is in place when he was little.
Summer is a girl that doesn't care what other think about her. She is a kind person that will help others when in help. She is a confidence person who stands for others and makes them feel like they are important and special.
Mother's are always there for you and they usally don't care if they don't get something in return, because the only thing they want is you being safe and you trusting them for things you don't want people to know. The thing they get in return is your love.
Main Idea
The main idea of Wonder is to not be afriad to be yourself and to be kind to others and not to bully others
Don is a man that gives people free wheelchairs for those in need. He doesn't need or want money the only thing he wants is to see the smile on others faces to let him know they are happy.
The book is wonderful because it teaches kids to be kind and to make them feel like they can help others and make them feel like they can be them self and they don't need to be liked.
What makes life so wonderful
By: Jasmine ortega

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