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Marine Biologist

No description

Ryan Schackne

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Marine Biologist

The main point of a Marine Biologist is Studying different organisms in marine life in the water. They study different life in the water from it being salt water, or fresh water. By: Ryan Schackne Period: 4 Marine Biologist also help fix marine life like veterinarians By helping make cures for diseases for marine life. They try to fine different species and differen facts about the animals. Marine biologist are always working on different things by learning the eating, mating, and living of many different types of animals. If they are not researching in the water they are researching in the labs. What does a Marine Biologist do? This is a Marine Biologist working on medicine and different organisms for marine life. This is a Marine Biologist taking samples of a coral reef. This is a Marine Biologist working with a Nurse Shark. Average Salary Range $110,000 per year When you first start off! $45,000 per year After you have been working for a while! Colleges University Of North Carolina
University of South Florida Customors There only costomors are the marine wildlife they help and research Teams Marine Biologist work with many different teams. They usually work with many other marine biologist teams around the world to discovernew things. Education Required Must have a basic understanding of: Oceanography Geological Oceanography Examples!!! Physical Oceanography Chemical Oceanography Technology Video http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/467 They use submarines They use high powered water proof lights They have temperature monotors to test the water Math Science
They use science by everything they do. They use science from discovering and taking samples of amny different marine wildlife. They aslo use science in the lab by moving organisms around and recording different things they see with the organisms they have. Marine biologist use math by almsot everything they do also. They use math by counting all of the organisms in the lab and figuring out what kind they are and where they go. They use math in the ocean to by all of the monotors they have to record all different types iof things in the water.
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