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Historical Figure

No description

Anson Kendall

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Historical Figure

Historical Fiction Book Report
Be sure to make this more personal to your book
By Anson

Book Summary
Research a second historical event that also happened around this time. This will help you understand what was happening during this time period better.
TO DO: Research 3-5 facts and summarize them
Additional Historical Event Happening During This Time
Copy the exact web address of any website that you use. You can use Wikipedia for one source, but you must use other websites or books to research the other areas of this project.
This person can be from your book or a person connected to your book that you choose.
To Do:

Research and summarize 3-5 facts about your historical figure.
This will go in the first box
TO DO: Write a 5-8 sentence summary that details the main events in the book. Be certain to include the problem, solution and central theme.
Historical Figure
Choose the main event that your book is connected to.
TO DO: Research 3-5 facts and summarize them.
Historical Time Period
Connect Research to Book
This is your opportunity to use details from the book to show why you chose the historical event/person that you did.
TO DO: Use Specific details and quotes to show moments in your novel that connect to your research. Focus on the book more than the history.
Final Slide
Create a slide that conclude your Prezi.
TO DO: Have a final message to your viewers (Thank You) and restate the title of your book, main event and historical figure.
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