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Using Canvas for Formative Assessment

No description

Nick Gogno

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Using Canvas for Formative Assessment

How do you want your students to change after your course?

What instructional adaptations have you made or do you plan to make based on student feedback?
Benefits of Formative Assessment
Internal, Self-Regulated Learning Processes
What does formative assessment mean to you?

List a few examples.
Audience Poll
Identify how to assess students using reflection assignments, peer review, and quizzes in Canvas
Session Goals
Using Canvas for Formative Assessment
Bro. Gerry Molyneaux, Communication
Jeannie Welsh, Accounting
Megan Schoen, English
Nick Gogno, Instructional Design

Describe best practices for formative assessment

Practice applying formative assessment tools to Canvas courses
Best Feedback Practices
1. Clarify what good performance is
2. Facilitate self-assessment

3. Deliver high quality feedback
4. Encourage teacher and peer dialogue
5. Motivate and encourage self-esteem
6. Help close the performance gap
7. Use feedback to improve teaching
David J. Nicol & Debra Macfarlane Dick (2006) Formative assessment and
self regulated learning: a model and seven principles of good feedback practice, Studies in Higher Education, 31:2, 199-218, DOI: 10.1080/03075070600572090
Guides instruction
Supports differentiation
Informs student goal-setting
Fosters responsibility
Practical assessment
Supports lifelong learning
Formative Vs.
Audience Poll
Which of the following types of formative assessment do you currently use in your courses?
Canvas Assessment Showcase
Bro. Gerry - Canvas Quizzes
Jeannie - Weekly Reflection Assignments
Megan - Peer Review Assignments
How could Canvas quizzes fit into your courses?
How do you justify giving an online quiz that may be easy to cheat on?
How could reflection assignments fit into your courses?
What strategies could you use to provide feedback to students effectively?
How could peer review fit into your courses?
How would you decide on how to group students?
Teacher assigns an academic task
Prior Knowledge


Motivational Beliefs
Student Goals

Tactics & Strategies
Internal Learning Outcomes
External Feedback
(teacher, peers, computer)
(may or may not overlap with teacher goals)
Externally Observable Outcomes
Self-regulatory Processes
(Cognitive, Motivational, Behavioral)
Paths of Internal Feedback
Focused Teaching
Level of Challenge
Level of Competence
Zone of Proximal Development
Exit Slip
What was your main takeaway from this session?

How might you apply it in your work?

Do you have suggestions for how we can improve this session?
Write your answers on a piece of paper and turn in before you leave.
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