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My Timeline

No description

Lexi Lakhman

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of My Timeline

1. When Joe was born
PAST... 3 Defining Moments In My Childhood
Feeling love for the first time as a child...
How they handle conflicts & money
Igor Lakhman
Family Members
Alexandra Nicole Lakhman
DOB: October 31, 1995
Family member greatly disappointed
parents left me at home and took brother to mall

1st runner up Miss New Jersey Teen USA
My most memorable accomplishment
2. Taking dance classes
3. Visiting my grandma every summer
having mama & Lexi Days
Tami Lakhman
PRESENT.. feeling love for the first time
Joe Lakhman
How I handle conflict with my peers
How I handle conflict with my parents
Most influential person in my h.s. career
Happiness as a child
Most memorable accomplishment
Happiness for me in high school
FUTURE... plans for after graduation
Future home...
Future spouse & his qualities
What I learned from marriages...
What I want from my future family...
Top 5 lessons to teach children...
Career Goals...midlife
My dreams
Happiness through midlife and retirement
How old I want to live...
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