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Wind & Waves Water Sports Center

No description

Karla Barrera

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Wind & Waves Water Sports Center

Wind & Waves
Adventure Program Kitesurfing Program Sailing Program Paddle Boarding Program Windsurfing, Snorkeling and Kayaking Other Water Sports W&W Vision: Target Groups: To develop and manage a World Class luxury water sports adventure program, that can provide guests and residents of Dorado Beach, unique and exciting experiences to create memories that can last for a lifetime. We aim to achieve this vision by:

• creating a program that is fun and safe for people of all ages and skills
• ensuring the highest level of quality of instruction
• working along other programs of the resort to create complete experiences
• offering unique water sports experiences
• creating and fostering long lasting relationships with the community Resort Guests Resort Community 1. Adults 1. Adventure Luxury Travelers “adventure is becoming more luxurious and luxury more adventurous.” Adventure Travel Tourism Association Forbes Magazine: Kiteboarding "The New Golf" Travel & Leisure Magazine: "It's a sport that attracts adrenaline junkies and risk takers, So, it's no surprise that you'd see lots of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in the sport. They definitely fit that profile." Come specifically for a WS experience, to learn or improve skills.
Will participate in full comprehensive courses
Would benefit from Special Camps, Events
Targeted through special Marketing efforts, achieved jointly with Ritz PR & Marketing Team 2. Luxury Travelers Come to experience the Ritz service standard in a beach/ golf resort setting
Families, Couples, not necessarily super athletic
Short water sport experiences (discovery)
Equipment with high ease of use (snorkel, kayaks etc)
Program Marketing on site More interest and time disposition for full comprehensive courses
More interest in the social and networking aspect of practicing water sports
Word of Mouth and Social Media play a major role in attracting this group
Different skill sets and sport backgrounds
Club Membership will play major role in community involvement (Beyond discounts, special events and clinics) 2. Kids & Teens: More time disposition for full courses, after school and summer availability
FUN #1 Focus
Open to new activities
Friend involvement plays huge factor
Benefit from Progression Ladder with Building Block Approach Phase 1: Holiday Schedule Special Offering Key Dates: Phase 2: Full Spring Program Phase 3: Summer Program Phase 4: Fall Program Dec 12th- Jan 20th Jan 21st- End of May May 26th- Aug 10th Aug 11th- December Phase 1: Holiday Sailing Program Progression Timeline: Phase 2: Full Spring Program Phase 3: Summer Program Phase 4: Fall Program Community Skill Progression
& Involvement
More knowledge of services Phase 1: December & Holiday Offering On Demand Tours/ Lessons (Private): Scheduled Lessons (Groups): Hobie Wave/Getaway Rides
3 Hr. "Intro to Sail" For those who have never sailed before and want to give it a try.
The basics are covered, parts of the boat, rigging and sailing.
Taught on Hobie Waves, Getaways, Open Bics (Ages 9 up) Doraditos 3 Hr. Ages 5-9.
Purpose: fun-filled introduction to a lifetime of sailing.
Kids will sail with two or three of their peers and an instructor in Hobie Waves/Getaways. Focus on Fun.
The class enables the kids to become familiar with water safety sailing, and to feel comfortable around the center and on the water. Group 3 Hr. "Intro to Sail"
Group 3 Hr. Doraditos Example: Saturday AM, Sunday AM Phase 2: Spring Program On Demand Tours/ Lessons (Private): Scheduled Lessons & Sessions (Groups): Hobie Wave/Getaway Rides
3 Hr. "Intro to Sail"
3 Day US Sailing "Learn to Sail" Certification O'Pen Bic Courses Group 3 Hr. "Intro to Sail"
Group 3 Hr. Doraditos
4 Day US Sailing "Learn to Sail" Certification. (2 Days per week, 2 weeks) Open House & Demo Days 12 Hr. Course. Students become Us Sailing Certified and receive US Sailing Book and Materials
Students Learn: Preparing for sailing, rigging, Points of sail, steering, gybing, tacking and more.
Ages 15 up on Hobie Waves, Getaways Ages 7-14 or maxing out at 130 pounds
Designed to learn in a safe way while respecting student's rhythm
Building Block Approach: takes students through standardized skill levels so they can get the most from their sailing experience.
3 Hour Courses and 3 hr Fun-Sessions are offered for each level, customized for each student or group.
Students take one of the private/scheduled 101,102, 201 etc courses, and then can participate on After school "Fun Sessions" L1: Sea Horses L2: Dolphins L3: Nautilus This level covers safety, seamanship and boat handling. Students learn safety, rigging, sail handling, and steering a course. These intermediate sailors will learn deep respect for the ocean. WaterWise candidates learn reinforced basics and master the skills of upwind sailing, proper docking and sailing a triangular course. Students also learn to navigate, read charts, anchor, and other skills. Sailing theory, advanced trim, docking and safety techniques, Reading wind changes, and an introduction to racing will be taught. Phase 3: Summer Program On Demand Tours/ Lessons (Private): Scheduled Lessons (Groups): Same service offering as Spring Program,
with more days scheduled Summer Camp: Doraditos Water Camp
L1 Sea Sprouts
L2 Water Wise
L3 Sea Stars One week summer Camp sessions, divided by ages and skills. And/Or One week summer Camp sessions, with Multi-Sport Options Phase 4: Fall Program On Demand Tours/ Lessons (Private): Scheduled Lessons & Sessions (Groups): Same Base Courses Same Base Offering Plus:
O'Pen Bic: After School Program for intermediate, advanced sailors
Thursday Evening Races for community O'Pen Bic: 3 hr Standardized Courses :
L1 Sea Sprouts 101, 102
L2 Water Wise 201, 202
L3 Rising Stars 301, 302 3 hr After School "Fun-Sessions" :
L1 Sea Sprouts
L2 Water Wise
L3 Rising Stars Kids- Teens Sailing Program Progression: For the Community to learn about our services, and what to expect of our program
Sail, Paddle and Kite Demos will be available On Demand Tours/ Lessons (Private): Scheduled Lessons & Sessions (Groups): IKO Level 1-3 Courses w/ Certification Group 2 Hr. Explore Kitesurfing Course
Group IKO Step 1 Course 3, 6 and 9 Hr. Courses available. Students become IKO Certified and IKO Handbook and Skill accomplishment Card.
Building Block approach.
Students Learn: Basics of kite flying, safety up to board riding.
Ages 13 up L1: L2: L3: This level covers safety, site selection,
rigging, and basic kite flying skills. More advanced Kite Flying skills. On water training, with the goal of accomplishing the first waterstarts. Students start working on their board skills, upwind skills and self rescue techniques. This level goes all the way to basic jumps. Kitesurfing Student Progression: Discovery Intermediate Independent Special Events & Clinics Initial Boat Purchase: Initial Staffing: 4 O'Pen Bics 2 Hobie Waves 2 Hobie Getaways Avg Ages 7-14, 130 pounds ideal weight (US vs. Europe)
2 kids on board up to 180 pounds
The O'Pen BIC offers "coolness", speed, and even freestyle that kids love
High-end yacht clubs now have parallel programs in O'BICs that focus on fun and "adventure sailing" rather than only emphasize racing. And their drop out rates have declined!
Growing class with many international events, big in Europe and Australia Easy-to-sail, easy-to-rig
rotomolded polyethylene hulls are virtually indestructible, making it ideal for beginners and adventurers alike
Can be enjoyed solo or with crew members, the Wave is also available as the Wave Club edition, ideal for schools, organizations or resorts. The Getaway lets you sail with big groups
the Getaway has serious sailing legs thanks to its powerful, mainsail-driven sailplan and its shaped underbody
hull is super-durable and impact-resistant.
Good Value
Fun for Rides, Lessons and friendly racing 2 experienced US Sailing Certified Instructors
Jeanne Sinclair- Program Consultant
US Sailing Instructor Trainer
Expert in Sailing Program Creation & Management Opening Timeline: Sept Oct Nov Dec Instructor Applications Evaluation
Initial Program Planning
Equipment Ordering Oct 2nd: In-Depth Program Planning
Water Zones Assessment
Program Marketing Plan: Prices etc Employee Training
Center Organizing
Last Details Opening On Demand Tours/ Lessons (Private): Scheduled Lessons & Sessions (Groups): Paddle Boarding 101 Paddle Boarding 101
Paddle Yoga
Paddle Fitness Equipment Overview, Safety and Awareness of the conditions, Balancing, Correct Stance, 4 different Paddle Strokes, Steering and Turning, Proper paddling form and more.
For 12 and Up, all skill levels Special Events & Clinics Paddle Yoga "The Ocean Your Yoga Mat"
Paddle Yoga is a natural extension of the timeless practice of Yoga fused with the exciting art of Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding (SUP).
Provides a unique experience
For 12 and Up, all skill levels
Gentle Wave & Nautical Flow Classes Night-Time Paddle Yoga
Kalama Camps
Heather Baus Race Clinics Paddle Fitness The Paddle Board becomes your Gym
Works on balancing, strengthening, cardio
For 12 and Up, all skill levels Catered for resort Guests
Low Time disposition
Easy entry level sports or activities
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