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Differentiation using Cloud Apps

Web2.0 websites and tools to help differentiate instruction in the classroom

Patrick Black

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Differentiation using Cloud Apps

Differentiation using Cloud Apps http://tarheelreader.org Tar Heel Reader http://www.commoncraft.com/video/qr-codes What are they? http://animoto.com http://toondoo.com Comic Creators http://diigo.com/ Diigo http://evernote.com http://voicethread.com Voicethread How do I create a QR Code? http://conceptuamath.com Conceptua Math use photos & video clips to create a professional looking video clip
includes themes, editing and songs
free educator account, up to 50 student accounts
renew every year
can do any length movie with Educator account free
premium accounts for extra data
Can store text, audio, pictures, websites, documents & PDF's
all notes are searchable (including text in photos and PDF's)
like a digital 3-ring binder online social bookmarking
Free, educator accounts available
create groups for students
sort by tags
share lists
toolbar/bookmarklet available for your browser Patrick Black pblack00@gmail.com @teachntech00 http://about.me/patrickblack Special Education Teacher Geek 12 years self-contained, with inclusion Mt. Prospect, IL blogger EdCeptional Objectives online, ebook creator
includes TTS with all books
over 24,000 already created
use special code to register
download books to powerpoint or flash to use offline
can read books on most mobile devices (Blackberry, Andoird or iOS) use and create individual avatars
create single & multiframe strips ToonDoo
Traitr creator BitStrips
subscription Make Belief Comix
no signup required online math curriculum
fraction based
free to access some content
reasonable price to subscribe
all materials are switch accessible alternative access ways to use QR codes 1 2 ideas on ways to use "cloud" tools
to differentiate instruction "cloud" tools available for
student use presentation - http://bit.ly/preziinthecloud handout - http://bit.ly/differentiationideas http://www.makebeliefscomix.com http://bitstrips.com QR Codes video or audio directions https://docs.google.com/document/d/17WDuGsQYyAVK6Jrt3XZcg-d2eFKD1FtilSJA0e6fVLc/edit Safety http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/ you can encode URL SMS (text message) 250 characters of text Calendar event phone number contact information email address Wi-Fi network information Treasure Hunt
http://classtools.net/qr Firefox Extension
http://bit.ly/firefoxqr Chrome Extension
http://bit.ly/chromeqr http://qrcode.kaywa.com Mobile Devices How do I read a QR code? Desktop Red Laser i-Nigma QReader requires Adobe Air QR Journal Mac Only Desktop QR
Scanner Windows Only QR Voice
http://qrvoice.net Animoto create online slideshows
can include audio, video, text and phone comments
free for single educator account
can create multiple identities Texthelp WebApps Dictionary http://teachingall.blogspot.com Google Docs http://drive.google.com contextual spell check comment threads chat use chat in doc if you have questions SlideRocket Wordle create online slideshows
can import powerpoints
integration with Google Docs
can include audio narration (for Pro Accounts)
Free Pro Educator Accounts available creates a word cloud, larger words are used more frequently in the passage

daily Wordles
guess what they are about http://wordle.net text to speech translator highlighters collect highlights picture dictionary Read & Write Extension for Google Chrome for Google Documents
basic text to speech
dictionary/picture dictionary
collect highlights
Vocabulary 3 an opportunity to try these tools UDL Multiple Means of Representation Multiple Means of
Action/Expression Multiple Means of
Engagement The "what" of learning The "how" of learning The "why" of learning niversal esign for earning ClassDojo free
online behavior management tool
customize options
track individual students
parent reports
daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports Classbadges free
alternative option for achievement/accomplishments
pre-made badges
create your own badges Engagement Engagement Action/Expression Action/Expression Engagement Representation Engagement Action/Expression Engagement Representation Engagement Representation Action/Expression Representation Action/Expression Engagement Action/Expression Engagement Action/Expression Engagement Representation Action/Expression Engagement Action/Expression
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