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BHL@10 Collection Mgmt

No description

Bianca Crowley

on 12 September 2016

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Transcript of BHL@10 Collection Mgmt

2015 Activities

Collection Mgmt

Goal 1: Relevant Content
Build and maintain the BHL as
the largest reliable, reputable and responsive repository of
biodiversity literature and other original materials
Goal 1: Relevant Content
through 3 main objectives...
Optimizing digitization
Develop a collection of relevant publications by...
Working with Members to optimize digitization from their collections;
Increasing the amount and quality of article level access in BHL;
Increasing permissions agreements with licensors to provide access to in copyright materials;
Regularly curating available resources to improve access and discovery.
Goal 1: Relevant Content
Add original material and archival sources by...
Expanding access to archival material and field notes through the BHL;
Exploring new material types (artwork, photographs, etc.) to add to BHL.
Goal 1: Relevant Content
Explore and understand the scope of biodiversity literature by...
Ensuring integration of BHL content within the global biodiversity community's research ecosystem;
Analyzing collection strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in the BHL corpus;
Determining the percentage of public domain biodiversity relevant publications digitized to date.
Importance of documentation and training
BHL Workshops
Collection development; Metadata; Digitization; Copyright & Permissions;
"Help" wiki (http://bhl.wikispaces.com/help)
My skype/email/phone

Ideas for Improvement
virtual training
modules via Smithsonian Institution's external Moodle
Implement new software
within existing tools
(wikis, Google docs) to make docs
Digitization Statistics
Total: 178,510
Optimizing digitization
Establishing deeper relationship with new Affiliate, Internet Archive (IA):
Working with IA Director and Scanning Center managers to address digitization workflow irregularities
Working with IA Process Manager and Engineering team staff to resolve character encoding issues
Archival Materials
Field Book Project
779 items total
of total, 25 are transcription "volumes"
goal to supplant OCR text w/ transcriptions
Connecting Content
70 items digitized from 5 institutions
BHL Field Notes Project
Goal to coordinate digitization of field notes across 10 institutions for BHL

Exploring New Materials
Visual Resources
Should BHL include scientifically relevant visual resources as part of its collection?
Debates by BHL Collections Committee bhl.wikispaces.com/collectionscommittee
Finalizing document to present to BHL Executive Committee for a decision

Ensuring Integration
Discovery Tools Working Group
Focus on improving title and article level metadata that BHL makes available to discovery systems and knowledge bases.

Analysis and code for a MODS title level feed for DPLA
Analysis for a NISO KBART title level feed
Analysis for JATS formatted article level feed

Outstanding work passed to Technical team
Ensuring Integration
Scientific names as link between BHL and various biodiversity related websites

E.g.: EOL, WORMS, Tropicos, Butterflies & Moths of the World, etc...

Scientific names in BHL auto-identified via Global Names Architecture (GNA) algorithm.

Algorithmic errors cannot currently be corrected. Additional technical development required.
Analyzing Collections
Assessing the taxonomic and bibliographic coverage of pteridological literature in the BHL (poster)
Jacqueline Chapman and Robin Everly, Smithsonian Libraries
Article Access
Increasing Permissions
Article Access
IMLS funded Expanding Access to Biodiversity Literature (EABL) project:

Define requirements to allow for the inclusion of article metadata to Macaw
Develop more regular relationship with BioStor.org to proactively identify article metadata within existing BHL pages.
Increasing Permissions
Regularly Curating
Gemini Stats 2015 - 2016
Determining % of
Public Domain
What % of collection is public domain?
...according to who's copyright law?
How do we determine how much public domain biodiversity literature exists in the world?
...to know how much BHL has accomplished?
...and how much more we have to do?
Collections Committee
Maintains BHL
collection development policy
metadata documentation
, e.g. enumeration and chronology standards
Provides input to Technical Team regarding
usability and user experience
for BHL website
priority serials
to acquire for the collection through permissions agreements or new partnerships
Consults on improvement of BHL metadata for display via the BHL
user interface
, e.g. notes fields from MARC 5XXs
Manages BHL
via collections browse page
Cataloging group
to address complex bibliographic issues with records in the BHL collection
Continues to discuss the addition of
new material types
BHL Staff Mtg 2015

IMLS funded Expanding Access to Biodiversity Literature (EABL) project:

Increase in the number of new and first time content providers to both BHL and DPLA, ideally with at least 100 added by the second year
Add up to 50 titles that are still in copyright to the BHL portal
Total: 172,135
Total: 48,866,244
1841 issues received
56% of issues resolved
BHL Staff share the
collaborative responsibility
for the daily
operation, improvement, and promotion
of the BHL as related to the mission and goals of the Library and its participating institutions.

...participate in
project communications
, ...BHL's
issue tracking system
, and various
outreach and engagement

...responsible for the
digitization, discoverability and maintenance

of content
contributed to the BHL repository by its participating institutions.
November 12-13, 2015
35 Staff from 20 institutions
Conducted training
Reviewed tech wishlist
Assessed operational activities
"very useful and well organised meeting" -A. Harding
"I could ask many questions that I cannot do so through conference calls. I now have much more detailed idea of each project." -T. Steen
"such an interesting and well thought out two days" - M. Person
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