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No description

gs students

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of syria

Syria's economy is very poor due to ongoing conflict in wars in the past years.
the resources they have are iron ore, asphalt, and plenty of other useful resources. Their main consumers are United States, Japan, China, Russia, and Turkey.
government and religion
their religion is 90% muslim and a majority of the muslims are sunni. Their government is a Arab Socialists Ba'ath party and its been that way since 1963.
other things I know
Syria re-elected president Assad for a 3rd 7 year term. The Hama Massacre was a massacre that was enforced in 1982 by the Syrian forces that isn't talk about in public due to political opposition.
Syria is a South Western Asian Country that is 2/3 desert and 1/3 fertile crescent. They have very little farmland but they use it very wisely for wheat and barley fruits and vegetables and cotton
Syria is just slightly bigger than North Dakota and has been conquered by several countries including
Alexander the great of Macedonia
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