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Meego Smart Note

Final Year Project ppt -an application development project, called Meego Smart Note

Ayushi Dutta

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Meego Smart Note

Meego Smart Note Srijani Basak
Sandeep Srinivas
IT B, SRM Presented By Internal Mentors External Mentors An application development project Mr. K. Naveen
Dept. of Information Technology,
SRM What is Smart Note? To develop a note taking product with enhanced features capable of taking any type of notes (simple notes, voice recording, webpage excerpts, pictures, file attachments, to do lists, appointment etc) on the Meego OS development platform and that can be deployed on any other platform and any type of device SmartNote is an application which can collect any form of e-content like simple text, voice recording, images, videos, audios, pdf files, WebPages, to do lists, appointment, etc and arrange them in one centralized place so that they can be easily accessed on the Meego OS development platform. Mr. Ramasamy C.,
SRM Technologies,
Bangalore Why we need Smart Note? Smart Note will provide more features than that provided by the default Meego simple text editor.
The absence of centralized infrastructure to access all the different kinds of information in MeeGo Netbooks is the greatest challenge faced today. Why Meego? MeeGo is a Linux-based platform(closely aligned with the Linux Stack)
Cross-device and Cross-platform development
Supports ARM and x86 architecture
Only open source software platform that supports deployments across many computing device types including handsets, netbooks, tablets, connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment systems
Intel and Nokia’s Linux-based OS MeeGo has been carefully created to provide the components necessary for the best device user experience.
The Meego OS has been known to boot very fast Product Development Life Cycle Requirement Analysis Design Implementation Ubuntu 10.04
Meego SDK (Qt Creator,Meego API)
Xephyr Problems Encountered Meego API being a new development platform, comparatively less support available
Meego multimedia API still on development stage
Unable to make click events inside a text editor outside the bounds of text.
Application functionality can be added as per the support added on the Meego API by Meego Developing Team Product Description Scope User Characteristics Specifications
(ARM,x86,Intel Atom)
(GNome Sound Recorder,Evolution) Features Special Thanks to Viewers
SRM Management
Prof. S.Rajendran, HOD, IT
Mr. K.Naveen, IT
Mr Ramasamy. C, Project Manager SRM Technologies, Bangalore
Mrs. DevaHema ,IT
Other faculty members and lab programmers at SRM
Employers at SRM Technologies
Friends and Family Meego? The Meego OS is an all new Linux based operating system,
announced at the Mobile World Congress in February 2010,
by merger of Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo respectively.
Meego is capable of running on multiple computing devices including handsets, netbooks, tablets, connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment systems. Meego Architecture SmartNote Architecture Data Flow Diagram Development Environment Use-Case Diagram Modules Document
Rich text formatting
Interfacing with other applications
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