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Manchester United

No description

Patrick M

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Manchester United

Sports can be local and global:
Manchester United!

Case Background
Sport - Local,
regional or global!
History of sports.
Audience and popularity.
Accessibility and infrastructure.
Environmental factors.
Cultural connections.
Major drivers responsible for the internationalization of Manchester United..
Importance of Manchester United's strong local roots to its international success..
Manchester United
Delves into changed face of soccer.
Soccer is no more just local - 3% of world trade.
Manchester United - The most popular Soccer club.
Case helps explain understand how socceer has become a "glocal" phenomenon.
Manchester United - the success story.
Thank You!!!
Cross cultural appeal.
Bosman ruling - 1995.
Access to vast pool of worldwide talent.
On-field Success.
Media growth.
Increase in private funding.
International spread of Manchester united magazines.
MUTV - Massive cyber presence.
Cross continental sponsorship and advertising.
Formation of cultures.
International Organization Traits.
Munich disaster - Emotional connection.
Traditional club values – Club Youth Orientation & focus on talent.
Success - the one and only competitive advantage - Manchester united will have to sustain on-field succcess in the long run.
Constant exposure and increased brand visibility to ensure worldwide brand equity is maintained.
Enhanced marketing activities to ensure fans turn into customers.
Focus into social responsibility - Use of brand image to help the local and international community.
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