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Degrees, Minutes, Seconds

No description

Andrew Lanning

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Degrees, Minutes, Seconds

Degrees, Minutes and Seconds Another way to measure angles! We can break Degrees into smaller units
called minutes (') and seconds ("). Written like:
24 30' 15" o Said like:
"24 degrees, 30 minutes
and 15 seconds" As a decimal:
24.504167 o Can use our Calculator
to convert! :D a)
Convert to DMS:
53.56 o b)
Convert to decimal:
10 12' 55" o c)
sin(76 12' ) o Practice:
Ex 4.2, page 137
Q 3, 4 (1st 2 cols) How many seconds in a minute? How many minutes in a degree? So degrees are kind of like...? How many degrees in 15 30' ?? o a)
Type: 53.56
Then press 2nd then APPS
Choose >DMS
Press ENTER twice o o b)
Type it as you see it! Then press ENTER.
To type a sign:
Press 2nd then APPS
Choose , press ENTER
To type a ' sign (minutes)
Press 2nd , then APPS
Choose ' , press ENTER
To type a " sign (seconds)
Press ALPHA , then +
ANSWER = 10.215 ANS = 53 33' 36" o c)
Type it as you see it!
ANSWER = 0.97 If you didn't get any of the answers:
Press MODE , then go to the 3rd line,
highlight DEGREE, and press ENTER.
Press 2nd MODE to return to normal screen.
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