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No description

Valeriya Voloshyna

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Nike

What is Nike?
Largest, youngest, most successful and dominant brand of shoes, clothing, and sports equipment
Controls 60% of the market
Is becoming a pop culture icon
Founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964
First called Blue Ribbon Sports
Officially became Nike in 1971
Pages in social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Advertisements on TV, magazines, newspaper, online websites
Coupons, deals and sales
In online stores right now: up to 20% off select shoes & clothing plus free shipping, free shipping on NFL gear orders of $75+ and more.
Use famous athletes to make ads more effective
What does Nike sell?
Consumer surveys (on receipts there is a survey and customers may get a $5 gift card if they fill it out)

It can be purchased in :
Nike official stores
Online Nike store
Sport stores such as: Footlocker, SportCheck, Walmart
Online sites such as: Amazon, ebay, Overstrock

Hilversum, Netherlands
Beaverton, Oregon
Shanghai, Tokyo


Nike has stores worldwide: it distributes its products to more than 160 countries and 6 continents
Products may be purchased directly from stores online that will later be brought to the consumer's house
Air Jordan XX9
Nike zoom terra kiger
Af1 iridescent shoes
Jordan cp3 VIII
lunar force 1
nike vapor golf
NIKE+ digital platform
The Flyknit production chain
Racer’s laces are 30% recycled polyester
the upper is colored with water-based inks,
and the sock liner is made from recycled materials.
They also use 100% water-based adhesives in the midsole and outsole to reduce the use of volatile organic compounds

Products are distributed from headquarters to the stores and the there are many stores
that´s why nike has many storage facilities
the product has not an expiration date
Produces in 44 countries
Has 719 factories
Has 990.325 workers
In Canada Nike has 5 factories and 325 workers
Footwear, clothing, equipment, accessories
Develops, sells, and produces different products to help play basketball, soccer, women's and men's training and other sports
Markets sport-inspired products for kids and different competitive and recreational activities like: tennis, golf, and walking.
Nike Inc. was born when Jeff Johnson had a dream of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike.
Wants to show that their brand is one of the most athletic and fitness brands.
Want to build a powerful brand that makes people see how successful they are.
Want people of all genders and ages to buy their clothes to get active and play sports.
Want to show the image of acceptance in their brand
Just Do It
Created by Dan Wieden in 1988
Actual phrase came from Utah in 1977
Encouraged many to take a step up
Builds up motivation and drive
Gives a nudge to people everywhere that for example are looking for empowerment and ability.
It is the company's encouragement, power and passion.
The company is trying to tell its costumers to "Just Do It", take a step up, buy their product, go out and play sports, try again.
Appealing and comfortable for consumer
Cut back the amount of cardboard used to create each shoe box by 16% (over 5,000 tons of cardboard)
Recycled paper use gradually increased.
Trying to reduce waste and eliminate toxins.
Plan 8 years ago that is still in action - allows Nike to continue to produce all of its shoe boxes to the same quality and sustainability standards saved money, reduced transportation times and lessened harmful greenhouse gas emissions
Unique Packaging
Football stadium shoe box (top - sky, bottom - field and the crowd)
Nike Air Max - "futuristic" shoe packaging
Image of the shoes floating in midair
Women’s shirts: $18-130
Men shirts: $20-85
Men’s running shoes: $55-220
Women’s running shoes: $55-225
Children’s shirts: $17-50
Bags: $20-250
Men’s running shoes: $75-230
Women’s running shoes: $75-250
Women’s shirts: $25-120
Men’s shirts: $25-120
Children’s clothing: $20-80

Men’s and Women’s running shoes: $65-130
Men’s shirts: $22-59
Women’s shirts: $22-44
Children’s clothing: $22-80
Bags: $35-115

Nike has been gaining market share in Europe. According to data from Euromonitor, Adidas had 13.2% share of the western European sporting goods market in 2012, while Nike’s share stood at 12.4 percent.
Nike reported an 11% rise in sales in western Europe in the first half of fiscal 2014, while Adidas posted a fall of 6 percent at constant currencies in its third quarter.
Thank you for listening to our presentation!
By: Valeriya Voloshyna and Tomas Enguidanos
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You can customize your shoe.
It will be delivered in about 4 weeks or less.
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