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Global Poverty Facts & Statistics

Global Leadership Presentation

Laura Pineda

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Global Poverty Facts & Statistics

GLOBAL POVERTY 80% Of humanity lives on less than $10 more than 3 billion live in extreme poverty world population 6.9 million East Asia South Asia Sub-suharan Africa 93% of the world's poverty stricken population live in these 3 regions there are 3 levels of poverty extreme living off of less than $1 a day moderate living off of $1 - $2 a day relative basic needs are barely met 30% of the population of this region lives in moderate poverty 43% of the population of this region lives in EXTREME poverty 46% of the pop. of this region lives in moderate pocerty 33% of the pop. of this region lives in moderate poverty These NUMBERS... just are but the reality... lies deeper... a child dies every 3 seconds 18 every minute 33,000 every day due to.... 885 million people do not have access to clean water 11,700 from aids malaria each day & other DEADLY DISEASES these people die, far removed from the rest of us... they die silently.. they are invisible. every second child lives in Americans assume that US government, spends 24 % of federal budget to aid poor countries reality: less than 1% the RICHEST receive this much of world income 75% 5% the poorest.. at first you saw the tip of the iceberg then the reality.. we can end global poverty TOGETHER Millenium Development
un.org but if one thing is for certain, it is that.. Prezi created by: Laura Pineda
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