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Tutoring CAS Reflection

No description

Rojin Hajimonshi

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Tutoring CAS Reflection

Tutoring One of the service activities I chose to be involved in was tutoring
This was an interest I had since long ago
In fact when I was younger, I use to tutor my peers and the comforting feeling I felt afterwords always made me interested in continuing this volunteer activity
As a result, when the school told us about this exclusive activity I immediately showed interest and joined
This was not surprising since my previous experience with tutoring showed me that in the process of teaching others not I only I can develop my communication skills, but I also was able to learn more about that particular subject I was helping my peer with.
Difficulties and Challenges Difficulties.. Another difficulty I had was with managing my own work and tutoring other people at the same time
In the beginning of this activity, I use to do my own work while tutoring my peers.
However, this became a bit bothersome and I was not able to get any work done and help my friend either since they kept asking questions and I was not able to focus on both tasks
After a while, I decided to stop myself from doing my own work when I have to tutor others. Indeed, this decision did have many positive outcomes.. The results and outcomes.. After I joined, I decided to help one new students with her social study during my study blocks and after school
I also started to tutor one of my peers in chemistry
Nevertheless, one of the difficulties I faced with this service activity was communicating with the students
For instance, it was a bit challenging to me to explain chemistry on English, as English is not my first language( In order to overcome this I tried bringing different examples to make myself clear)
Moreover, another challenge I had to face was with being patient. It happened many times that my friends were not able to understand what I was talking about. As a result, I sometimes found myself explaining the same concept over and over again
This in the beginning seemed irritating, but I eventually started getting use to it and accepted the fact that as a tutor I need to be patient.
Gradually, I started seeing positive results. My friend was able to achieve high marks on her tests
Tutoring my peers since the beginning of grade 12 was an interesting yet informative service activity
I was able to work collaboratively with my friends and not only help them with their academic life, but also help myself by explaining some concepts to other people
I also was able to develop my communication skills and take the risk of teaching others in a second language
The comforting feeling I felt every time my peer achieved a high mark made me interested in expanding the help I can give to others (not just in teaching but to other service activities with much greater global importance).

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