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Clean water!

No description

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Clean water!

Clean water!
Why do we need clean water!!

Why is water important to us and our community!!
Fresh water is one of our most healthy resource, and when our water is polluted it is not only giving us harm to the environment, but also to human health. Much of that water comes from rivers, lakes and other surface water sources. Before it is delivered to our homes it is treated to remove chemicals, particulates (e.g., soot and silt) and bacteria. This clean, and fresh water is then used for cooking, drinking, cleaning, bathing, watering our lawns and etc. If we don't have clean water we were not going to be able to live or survive. There is about 70% of the earth is covered with water.
clean water!!
Why do we need water
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!We hope you enjoyed it!!!
By: Anveer & Harsimr
Facts about
- Magana Donald was just 8, when he faced with Diarrhea.
- World vision provide 1.8 million people in the community with clean water.
- Magana gets clean water from the borehole which is placed in his community.
- Woman and girls get water and they walk miles to miles to fetch clean water
- Where people get water from is not proper because it makes them and their family sick.
pic of a borehole
We need clean water to survive, if we don,t get clean water we can die. In different communities, there is a lot of dirty water, when people in the community drink that water they get a disease called Diarrhea with Diarrhea they die after a month or 2. But world vision provide about millions of people clean water. when woman and girls get water for them and their family. The water that is installed there is very dangerous, it makes them and their sick.
picture of the lake where people in different communities get water from and get disease.
IT IS 71 %!!!
IT IS 71 %!!!
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