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Government Policies Task 1 P1 & M1

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Stephanie Knowles

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Government Policies Task 1 P1 & M1

Central Government The central government is another layer of the government. they operate across the whole country. they are located in the palace of Westminster in London, which is the country's capital city. The central government has very specific responsibilities, no other level of government is able to carry out these responsibilities. these responsibilities are:- European Parliament The European parliament are not strictly part of the UK levels of government, this has an impact on the EU (European Union) citizens and their public services. there are 27 states of the EU and they have 736 members, who represent them all. 72 are directly elected from the UK and are there to represent the interest of this country. The role of this parliament is to draft legislation that has a big impact across all of the EU states on such issues as:- The responsibilities of the different levels of government. There are lots of different levels of government in the UK and they all have different responsibilities. They all have a direct or indirect impact on our lives and those who work in the uniformed public services. Devolved Parliament The devolved parliaments are there when the centralized governmental organization transfers their powers to a regional organization. Devolution is built up of three elements:- Regional Government A regional government is where decisions are made locally in area of what is going to happen. There are 9 regional governments in the UK which are :- Local Government Cont. The Local government are responsible for when local government elections are held.
Local Elections are held every 4 years.
They are also responsible for the legislation that governs the review and updating of electoral agreements within local authorities.
A local government has authority over small ares of the community.
A local government is where power is transferred from the central government to local authorities and communities, these have an individual representative. By Stephanie Knowles Government Policies Task 1 A Diagram of Levels in Government The Monarch Central Government House Of Commons House Of Lords Devolved Parliaments Welsh Assembly Scottish Parliament Northern Ireland Assembly Regional Parliament Local Government City Councils County Councils Metropolitan Councils •Equal Opportunities
•The Environment
•Consumer Rights
•Movements of Workers and Goods •Making Laws
•Defending the nation
•Signing treaties or agreements with other nations The central government contains the major central political institutions of the UK. These are:- The Monarch Parliament
(Central Government) House of Lords House of Commons •The transfer of power to another body that is lower down the chain of authority.
•The geographical move of power from the capital to another city or town.
•The transfer of roles and responsibilities of the government from central to regional assemblies. There are 3 main regional assemblies that have the devolved power:- The Scottish Parliament- The Scottish Parliament was established in 1998, where they were able to deal with devolved matters, such as :-
•Education - if a school isn't doing well, for example it isn't getting good enough grades, then it is their responsibility to do something about it or go in and assess the school. It may also come down to the result of the school closing down.
•Civil and criminal law
•And Local Government
It is self contained, so it would not have to go through the UK parliament to pass laws. The Welsh Assembly- The Welsh Assembly was established by the government of Wales act in 1998, after the welsh ballot question had shown a narrow majority of public support of the ideas. they deal with :-
•Transport - if there is not enough buses, then it is their responsibility to sort the situation out, because if they don't then the public may not be able to get to work and this will result in a great deal of money loss.
•and the environment. The Northern Ireland Assembly- The Northern Ireland assembly was created by the Northern Ireland act in 1998, this is based on the Belfast agreement which is also known as the Good Friday agreement, it is responsible for :-
•Agriculture - for example when foot and mouth was about a few years ago, the government had to step in to help contain the disease because this did not only affect the farmers but is had also affected the food chain.
•housing etc. •East of England Regional Assembly
•North East Assembly
•South East England Regional Assembly
•West Midlands Regional Assembly
•East Midlands Regional Assembly
•South West Regional Assembly
•North West Regional Assembly
•Yorkshire and Humber Assembly
London Some of their responsibilities are :- Regional Planning - This Includes developing, monitoring and renewing regional planning and transport strategies.
Regional Planning is a category of planning and development that deals with designing and placing infrastructure and other elements across a large area.
Regional housing - they make recommendations to the government on housing priorities in their area, this means the neediest people get housed first.
Recommendation (advocacy) and policy development - they provide a voice for the regions in parliament and at European level. They also promote regional partnerships.
Accountability - they check and monitor the work of regional development agencies, this is to make sure every group have their facts and figures for their area. House Of Lords The Monarch House Of Commons The house of commons consist of 646 elected MPs. there are two ways an individual can be elected to the house of commons, these are :-
A general election- This is where all of the people that are aged 18 or over in the country, votes for the one party that they think should be in power, this happens every 5 years.
A by-election - This is in case the representative or leader dies, resigns or retires and a new representative is needed, a by-election can happen at anytime. The House of Lords can have a variety of members, there are about 737 different types of lords, in the House of Lords. Here are some different types of lords which could be in the house:
Life Peers
Bishops and Archbishops The Monarch is the Queen Elizabeth II. The main responsibilities of The Monarch are :-
She opens parliament every year.
and if the prime minister is in a hard situation and has to make a hard decision then she gives him/her advise on what has to be done.
Disinterment of peers Local Government Cont. Local Government Local Continued County Councils.. Their responsibilities are -
Education - This is important to keep up, because if the schools are not getting good grades, then they may have to send in an observer and may also send the teachers to training.
Emergency planning
Highways and traffic - If there were no traffic lights or they have broken, or start being faulty then this may cause accidents on the roads.
Planning and development
Public transport
Refuse disposal - rubbish should not be left to over flow, so the streets will stay clean and there will be more recycling.
Social services and trading standards e.g to ensure everything that is sold is above a certain standard. Metropolitan Council.. The responsibilities of a metropolitan council are :-
Registration of birth - If no one registers, no would would never know that you were born, this would effect you when you go to the hospital because they wouldn't have any medical records for you.
Death and marriage - These are the people that keep paper work of the people that have died and the ones who are married, so this way people would be able to find out where they came from and whether they have any lost relatives.
Environmental health, Housing
Recreation and amenities
Registration electors
Tax and council collection - If there were no tax collectors, then the money in the country wouldn't circulate around, so then more money would have to be printed then this would lead to hyperinflation.
Refuse collections for example if the rubbish was not collected in then this would result to an over load of rubbish and rats, this may bring back disease.
The metropolitan council has also got the same responsibilities as the county council. City Council.. Their responsibilities of the city council are the same as the metropolitan council.
There are 433 local governments in the UK, 353 in England, 26 in Northern Ireland, 32 in Scotland and 22 in Wales. There are many forms of local government such as :-
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