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Copy of characteristics valued by employers in the IT industry

No description

dawn taylor

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of characteristics valued by employers in the IT industry

characteristics valued by all jobs Attitude Characteristics valued by IT employers Characteristics valued by employers in the IT industry Notes Why these are important in IT (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr •Willing to work hard and learn •Conscientious •Organised •Accurate •Thorough •Team worker-
know your role and other peoples roles in the group, and stick to them.
be polite and understand others ideas and views
be nice to everyone, even if you don't get along
follow instructions and support peers. •Be able to focus •Accept challenges •Want to satisfy people •Want to aim big •Reliable •Bright •Enthusiastic •Aware •Proactive •Be able to set expectations •Time management Excellent communication skills, articulate Good at IT be passionate about IT Be up to date with the latest technology good at training and coaching people you need to be able to communicate your ideas to other workers and to your customers. You need to enjoy IT, and be familliar with it, so that you can work more effectively you may need to train your collegues in order to improve your and their work quality Health and safety planning skills mathematical skills bad posture eyestrain electrical hazards trip hazards manual handling use of tools working at height determination independence integrity dependability leadership confidence self motivation tolerance sitting in an office seat for long periods of time can lead to back problems, so you may be required to take frequent exercise breaks. working behind a computer may lead to eye problems, so you may be required to take breaks from watching the screen. if your going to be working at heights, you will be required to pass a health and safety course, and this course may need to be renewed every so often. to work with electrics you will have to take a health and safety course. this may require one or more courses depending on the job. these courses also may have to be re-performed after a certain amount of time where you are working may have a surface that is easy to trip/fall on. in this case you would have to learn health and safety procedures, and possibly sign a disclaimer form for any injuries you may obtain. you may be required to lift heavy objects, which can cause strain on your back and neck. you may be required to have frequent check ups at your GP, and have the data sent to your workplace so they can manage how you work and minimise strain. you may be required to use tools that could be potentially dangerous. this means you will need to prove through health and safety procedures that you are safe to work with the tools, in order to be able to use them when not under suprevision. you need to want to do your task, and do it with effort. if you are determined, you will do the work set with persistence and confidence. sometimes if you don't do the job correctly, you may have to start from scratch you need to be able to work on your own, and be confident in yourself that you can do work without the aid of another person. this is because if there is an emergency you will need to be able to cope with it you need to be truthfull and trustworthy amongst your fellow workers and workplace, and work hard even if your not being watched. if you try and get away with not doing work, you could be sacked. you need to be able to keep to your words, arrive on time, and be there when needed. if you arent, you could loose customers and be sacked you need to be able to help fellow workers, and create ideas for your whole team. this makes it so you can develop your skills further and work more efficiently you need to be able to get on with work, without being repeatedly told to do so. you should do your part in the company your working for and contribute just as much as everyone else. you need to believe that you can do your tasks, and that you can do them well. you motivate your self and are proud of what you achieve. without confidence you could end up giving up, which may end in a bad product made. you need to have patience with the people around you, and not get stressed easily. you may be working with people that have different views, and yuo may be working with people that arent at as high of a level as you are. you need to hesitate from getting stressed, and deal with the situation calmly. interpersonal skills-working with others time management- write things down
use a diary such as gmail or outlook creative- want to improve
everything you do in IT you will need to often present your ideas to the group, which requires you to be able to speak well and have good data-reading skills. you also need to be able to interpret others' ideas. you will need several qualifications in IT, including a college course relevant to your job. You need to know your way around the internet and many programs and applications, which you will be using every day in your job. added to the qualifications needed, you need to also be interested in IT. if you arent, you will likely miss out key steps in your job, as you arent striving to do more than you currently are. this can lead to malfunctions, and most likely, being fired. without knowing common things such as how to use a phone, or how to change setting on your computer, your job in IT will be extremely difficult. it may lead to you making risky mistakes, which sometimes cant be made without serious consequences, for example, if you were re wiring a computer, and you put the wrong wire into a control panel, you could be electrocuted during your job, you will likely be taking on apprentices and interns. this means you have to know exactly what you are doing, and be good and conveying your teachings to younger ages. you will need to be patient and diligent. if you are doing any jobs to do with website buildings or mechanics, you need to be good at maths. for example, if you are building computers, you need to be able to calculate resistance and current to prevent electrocution and fire. numeracy skills good at problem solving health and safety knowledge the employer wants you to be safe and sensible, as otherwise you may be a liability technical knowledge and know working procedures you need to know what the tasks you are meant to do are, and practiswe these procedures carefully and correctly. you must be aware of copyright and other laws affecting your work positive attitude you need to have an upbeat attitude to show you are enthusiastic about the job role you are going for.
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