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Jessica Ulloa

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Volcanoes


types and sizes...
Composite Volcano
work cited

How are they formed?
There are different types of volcanoes such as composite, shield, cinder cone volcanoes, etc. Composite volcanoes are considered one of earths more beautiful "mountains" even though it is a volcano. These volcanoes consists of layers and layers of dried of lava and sand gravel that had hardened when it cooled and dried. The volcano can reach up to as wide as 10 to 20 miles across and 10,000 feet tall or higher. Shield volcanoes can range to more than 100 miles across and reach the same amount of height as the composite volcano. These are made up of thin lava flows built up over time over the central vent of the volcano. Cinder cone volcanoes, most easily recognized volcano and consisting of almost no lava and little of basaltic and andesitic material.
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