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Capstone Presentation

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Na'ama Israeli

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Capstone Presentation

Beliefs I Held Before How and Why these Beliefs Changed Before this semester I thought that...

Diversity should be ingored in schools.
All students should do the same activities no matter their background or intelligence.
My Beliefs Now Diversity should be acknowledged and celebrated in schools.
Students have multiple intelligences so there should be multiple activities to fulfill the needs of every student I now understand that getting to know about your students cultures will help you connect with them and find books and activities that might be interesting to them. This will help them build off their schema and have a greater opportunity to learn.

The teacher I observed did use different activities for different students based on intelligence, but when she did not some students would get very frustrated and give up while others were done early with nothing to do for ten minutes. How My PPB Experience has Influenced the Way in Which I View Myself as a Future Professional Educator There are many things I saw in my field experience that I would repeat, and many I would not I will not take away recess as a source of punishment.
I will not have lower expectations for special education students.
I will not make students look up words in the dictionary and write the definition.
I will do small group activities.
I will differentiate my lesson plan for different students.
I will allow discussion during lessons.
I will ask students for their opinions and input.

Capstone Presentation By: Na'ama Israeli
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