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Assignment 02.06 Module Two Activity

Geometry (Flvs)

Valentino G

on 29 November 2014

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Transcript of Assignment 02.06 Module Two Activity

Step 1
Valentino G.

Assignment 02.06 Module Two Activity
Mrs. Brooks
The Last Step
Step 2
D = (16 , 0)
E = (8 , 0)
F= (16 , 6)
It's translated with the rule (x + 10 , y + 3)

They're Congruent!
Here I'm giving proof of congruence using the distance formula

From the picture we can imply that

Line AB = Line DE
Line BC = Line EF
Line CA = Line FD

ABC similar to DEF
A' = (2 , - 3)
B' = (-6 , - 3)
C' = (-6, 3)

It's reflected over the y - axis
From the following picture we can conclude that Line AB & Line A'B' show congruence. I proved it using Angle side angle.

It's congruent.
If we want to see if AB, BC, & A'B' & B'C' form right angles in their triangles I have to use the slope formula. I already acknowledged that the slope of B'C' is 1 number & as well the slope of BC is the reciprocal of the number with also including the slope of A'B' is 1 number & line ab's slope is the reciprocal of that number. You realize that both of the triangles include right angles. This means that they are congruent.

AB's slope is 0/8
A'B' has the following slope 0 / - 8 that's flipped to get rid of the - symbol & that means it results with 8 / 0

8 / 0 is the reciprocal of 0 / 8

BC is 0 / 6
BC is 6 / 0 which means it's the reciprocal of 0 / 6

Now we realized that AB & BC on the default triangle & A'B' & B'C' on the new triangle both form right angles & means that it's congruent. Following that I prove the first angle being congruent using angle side angle
Side Note :

One thing that I noticed is that when I used a program like Geogebra I realized that's the perfect way to come up with accurate results & this is actually recommended in lesson 02.06
The last thing is basically proving that the last angle is congruent. I'm going to be using A & A'. This is going to be proved with GeoGebra & the angle setting & inform you on how many degrees the angles measures.
As you notice, the following 2 angles are similar because they both measure up to 36.87 degrees.
Rotated 180 degrees
This proves that AB & BC & A'B' & B'C' form right angles on their triangles. It means that their congruent.
Lastly this proves that AB & A'B' are similar & congruent & also BC & B'C'.

They're congruent!
Reflection Questions for 02.06
1. All I did was basically count ten spaces to the right & 3 spaces that's up from each of the 3 default points & insert a point there to make a new triangle. With this course, this particular rule is stated as x + 10, y + 3. This means you can apply or use this rule to come up or make brand new coordinates without having to use a grid. For example if we use let's say point a & our default triangle, point a's coordinates are 6, -3, use addition for adding the numbers 10 to 6 & 3 to ÈÈ ˆ[ÝHÛÛYH\Ú]HÛÛܙ[˜]\ÈÈH™]ÈÚ[] ÜÈMˆˆ] ÜÈHY˜][Ûܜ™\Üۙ[™ÈÚ[ˆ[ÛÈÙH]™HÈÈHØ[YH[™ÈÚ]HÝ\ˆÚ[È\ÈÙ[ÛÈ[ÝH]™HHœ˜[™™]ȚX[™ÛH] ÜÈÚ[Z[\ˆÈHY˜][ˆÙHØ[ˆ›ݙH]Z\ˆÚ[Z[\ˆ\Ú[™ÈH\Ý[˜ÙH›ܛ][KƒBƒBƒBŒ‹ˆ˜\ÚXØ[H›Ý]HHšX[™ÛHNYܙY\È ˆY\ˆÚ[™È][ÝH›ÝXÙH]]ÛÙ\ÈÛØÚÝÚ\ÙKƒBƒBƒBƒBƒBƒBŒˈHÚÜÙHHY˜][šX[™ÛH ˆ]™Y›XÝYXܛÜÜÈHH^\ˈH[™XYHۙ]È]]HÈÚ[ÈYșY›XÝXܛÜÜÈH[™HXZ[›H™XØ]\ÙHوH˜XÝ]H[XYÙH] ÜÈۈHÝ\ˆÚYHX]ÚYHY˜][ˆ\ÝKHœ˜[™™]ȚX[™ÛHØ\țݙ[ˆÚ[Z[\ˆÈHY˜][ˆ
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