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Angelina Jolie

No description

anna freeman

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a famous HollyWood actress but did you also know that she is a hero! Angelina Jolie has donated millions of dollars to refuge camps! Angelina was born June, 4, 1975 also from two famous people actress Marcheline Bertnard and actor Jon Voight! She donated $1 million to doctor's who go to poor countries to help ill and poor people! Angelina then later got married to Brad Pit! They together adopted 3 children a Cambodian boy named Maddox, a Vietnamese boy Pax and a girl named Zahara from Ethiopia ! Then later she had her first biological daughter Shiloh and then came two twins that were born in France on July, 12 2008 Knox and Vivienne. Angelina and Brad continue to contribute money to needy countries and charities! She and Brad are true hero's! Summery stats Angelina Jolie was born June, 4, 1975 in Los Angles! Her mother Marcheline Bertand and her father Jon Voight! Angelina has a husband called Brad Pit and together they have 3 children of their own and 3 addopted children such as a boy Pax, another boy Maddox and a girl Zahara! . Angelina and Brad all travel together as a family and they love it! Angelina Jolie had a rought start in school. Being picked on for wearing glasses and braces! I can understand since I wear glasses and have braces as well. Angelina loved to collect snakes and lizards. Her parents were famouse actors just like she is now . Angelina's blood mixes are Czech, French, Canadian, Iroquois and English! At age 11 she started to act at Lee Starasberg Theater Institute.Then Angelina became goth and depressed, she went into a depressed stage of her life. At age 14 she dropped out of high school and then at age 16 Jolie took a career in modeling. Later Angelina appeared in some music videos! Then she decided to take some film studies in New York university. Later on Angelina decided not to become a model because she was to short and to scared! In the 1997 Angelina was in small movies like Hackers in 1995 and Fox Fire 1996! She was also on tv shows like True Woman 1997! Angelina won a Golden Globe Award and emmy nomination! Angelina one day went to Cambodia for movie filming and just looking at the country's state Angelina new she had to help !Angelina first started by donating tons of money to refuge camps. Angelina also donated to charities like Care To Learn and Direct change! When Angelina had everyone wanted their pictures, so Angelina sold them to Hello magazine for $14 million dollars! She donated all the money to charity and refuge camps! Angelina is not just a star she is a caring and giving to the community! Early Life Struggles and sacrifices Angelina Jolie has a amazing story about being a hero , but she also had hard times like when at age 14 she dropped out of high school and suffered a bad education.She also was picked on wearing glasses and having braces! Then she went into deep depression by abusing herself. Angelina Jolie then got married to co-star Jonny Lee Miller, but she never expected that she would get divorced! She then found out that her mother died to a battle to cancer,something her mother had batled her hole life ! Angelina had obstacles in her life like everyone does but the thing that sets her apart from everyone is that she turned around and went to fix all her mistakes and took a new path! Mom Dad My opinion In my opinion I think Angelina Joile is a hero because she donates millions of dollars to charity and evn adopted children in need. She has done so many things in this world to try to help people and donate money to refuge camps. she has helped so many charities such as Care To Learn, Global Action For children and many more. Angelina is very independent ,caring compassionate and industrious! One time when I went to church I saw this boy who's family adopted a african boy! This reminded me of how Angelina Jolie adopted 3 childern from all diferent countries. I also love to act just like Angelina Jolie! she also was made a Goodwill Ambassador! Angelina has helped refuge camps for the UN refuge agency in 2001. She is has been noticed and became famouse for helping refuge's in Cambodia. Angelina Jolie dosnt only care about her self but for the cummunity as well. Angelina Jolie Biographical
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