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Connect the Dots


Lauren Best

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Connect the Dots

It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)

It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (It's time I had some time alone)

The other night I dreamt a nice continental drift divide
Mountains sit in a line, Leonard Bernstein
Leonid Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce, and Lester Bangs
Birthday party, cheesecake, jellybean, boom
You symbiotic, patriotic, slam but neck, right? Right

It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
It's the end of the world as we know it (It's time I had some time alone)
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (It's time I had some time alone)

(It's time I had some time alone) "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)"

That's great, it starts with an earthquake
Birds and snakes, an aeroplane, and Lenny Bruce is not afraid

Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn
World serves its own needs, don't misserve your own needs
Feed it up a knock, speed, grunt, no, strength
The ladder starts to clatter with a fear of height, down, height
Wire in a fire, represent the seven games
And a government for hire and a combat site
Left her, wasn't coming in a hurry with the Furies breathing down your neck

Team by team, reporters baffled, trumped, tethered, cropped
Look at that low plane, fine, then
Uh-oh, overflow, population, common group
But it'll do, save yourself, serve yourself
World serves its own needs, listen to your heart bleed
Tell me with the Rapture and the reverent in the right, right
You vitriolic, patriotic, slam fight, bright light
Feeling pretty psyched

It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

Six o'clock, TV hour, don't get caught in foreign tower
Slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn
Lock him in uniform, book burning, bloodletting
Every motive escalate, automotive incinerate
Light a candle, light a motive, step down, step down
Watch your heel crush, crush, uh-oh
This means no fear, cavalier, renegade and steering clear
A tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies
Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives, and I decline

It's the end of the world as we know it (I had some time alone)
It's the end of the world as we know it (I had some time alone)
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (It's time I had some time alone)
I feel fine (I feel fine) Connect the Dots Lauren Best M.T Anderson Meat Maze On page 142 violet and Titus take a trip to Meat country when Titus gets his new upcar. ““They had made part of it into a steak maze... we split up into the maze and tried to see who could get to the center first.” This reminds me of a school field trip I took in grade three; we went to Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver. Where there was a huge maze, made from hedges, not meat. All the kids in the class would go to a part of the maze and race to the end, just like Violet and Titus. Feedless Cadillac Man On page 158 Calista and Loga where dressed in the new style, riot clothing “they were wearing all torn up clothes” said Titus. This reminds me of a trend from a few years ago when everyone’s jeans where ripped and torn even though they had just bought them brand new, stores were selling them like that. Riot Clothes In Feed by M.T Anderson we see some trends in styles among young people which come across as strange to us but for them it’s completely normal. In Feed lesions and Riot clothing are some of the trends and today we wear ripped jeans and guys like mullet’s. When we look back at our yearbook’s in twenty years we will probably say “what was I thinking.” Trends Trends Songs Experiences The movie " A Series of Unfortunate Events" is the story of two children who's parents have been killed in a fire by spending time with different relatives they discover a family secret and protect themselves against they're Uncle Olaf who is seeking they're parents great fortune. A relative of the children's, Aunt Josephine played by Meryl Streep, is very particular about her grammar. This is why she reminds me of Violet's Dad from "Feed." The character's both show a passion for the English language and believe it is slowly deteriorating with each generation. Both character's take it upon themselves to preserve the language by always using proper grammar and not abbreviations and slang. Aunt Josephine also corrects anyone when they've made any grammatical errors in they're speech or writing. A Series of Unfortunate Events Language In "Feed" the gang and almost all the characters use slang and inappropriate language as though it's acceptable because when something is repeated time and time again people begin to think it must be correct or acceptable in this case. People now, we are beginning to use inappropriate words and connect them to new meanings that deteriorate the word until we don't even know the meaning anymore and throw these words around like they're nothing. For example people have begun to use the word "retard" with the meaning of a person who has made a mistake or is being idiotic instead of its proper definition. The word is not politically correct nor socially acceptable, yet people use it in everyday conversation. Other examples include "Gay" which is commonly used to replace words like lame or stupid. Among teenagers words like dude, sick and dope are common even though they aren't real words. This is like in Feed, they use words like "meg," "unit," "null" etc. which we aren't sure of the meaning but we have an idea about what they mean know are not part of the English language, It's slang. Feed meg
unit sick
dude Culture The Island Mayan Calendar Technologie Lights Feedgazine Advertisement When Titus is in the hospital, feed less, on page 47 he describes what life was like before feeds. "They had to use their hands and their eyes. Computers were outside the body. They carried them around outside of them, in their hands, like if you carried you're lungs in a briefcase and opened it to breathe." Titus thinks that the way we use computers today is very difficult compared to using the feed. He can't imagine ever having to carry a computer instead of having a passage to the online universe inside your head. Titus and the gang struggle to live without the feed for a short period of time, I'm not sure what would happen if they're feeds had to be shut off completely. This reminds me of my generation who can't comprehend a life without cell phones, and computers. Children these days don't understand that we didn't always have all the technologies we have today, they used to use an encyclopedia not Wikipedia, and they couldn't just type something into Google. Typewriters don't have spell check, if they made a mistake they had to restart. My generation reminds me of the gang from Feed because we can't imagine computers and cell phones not existing just like they can't imagine feeds not yet being invented. wall-e

Both “Feed” and “Wall-E” creates two different but equally dark possibilities of where time will take us. They show us the negative effects of technology and teach us not to rely on it too much. They present the fate of our environment if we do not take action. “Feed” and “Wall-E” give us a look down our dark path, a path that will lead eventually to the extinction of the human race, earth and everything around us. If we don’t make the right decisions and start down a new path to success, it won’t be long before it’s too late. Craters full of pop cans, bubble gum asteroids, and people watching days, weeks, months, years go by, unaware of their fate. “Wall-E” by Pixar and Disney and “Feed” by M.T Anderson are similar in many ways. They bring up Technological and Environment issues and present a dark look into the future of the Human race and earth. Being set in the future it’s not difficult to imagine that technology is prominent in society. In the book “Feed,” Titus says: “…and I couldn't do a fuckin' thing,” while in hospital after he and his friends were hacked at the Rumble Spot. Titus expresses how lost and how little he can do without the feed, this shows how people rely too much on technology as they already do today, imagine how much worse it would be hundreds of years in the future. All he could think about was things he could have been doing on his feed, he doesn’t know what else the world has to offer because humans have been so consumed by technology for so long. Past lifestyles have been whipped out and lost in translation. In the animated film by Pixar and Disney “Wall-E,” people are reliant on technology as well. Being in space for hundreds of years they’re bone mass and muscle tone have decreased drastically. People remain seated as tracks on the floor bring they’re chairs wherever they’d like to go. They’re eyes rarely drift from they’re screens where they chat virtually with friends that may be sitting right next to them. When a man falls from his chair he can’t lift himself back on it, he needs to wait for a robot to help him back up. This shows how reliant they are on technology and robots, they literally can’t do anything without them, and simple tasks we take for granted today are as difficult as running a marathon to them. In both “Feed” and “Wall-E,” technology prominent and perhaps is taking over, technology has complete control over humans. In “Wall-E” the earth has become inhabitable and has few life forms, Wall-E has been there tidying all the trash, he crushes it and stacks it as high as skyscrapers. Humans are still alive but live on a spaceship and have for over seven hundred years. The original plan was only to stay on the space ship until Wall-E had finished cleaning the earths, then they were to return to a much cleaner, more beautiful earth. But plans change and when the few humans left on earth realize it will never return to its formal glory everyone inhabits the spaceship and it becomes the only known lifestyle. This shows how we may think we can fix what we’re doing to the earth but when we finally try to fix it, it will be too late. In “Feed,” they are not as a far ahead in the future as “Wall-E.” Titus and his friends are still living on Earth, but it has quickly become a wasteland and they are forced to launch garbage into space because the earth’s landfills are full. People start to cut down trees to build Air Factories, however Violets seems to be the only one who knows that trees create oxygen. Clouds do not exist in “Feed,” instead there are Clouds ™, the pollutants and toxins at rivers and beaches forces people to wear bodysuits to walk on the sand. The water is murky and Earth is quickly becoming inhabitable. Big Yellow Taxi (Paved Paradise) "Big Yellow Taxi" is a song written and originally recorded in 1970by Joni Mitchell, a Canadian artist . It was a hit Canada as well as Australia and the UK. It was later a bigger hit therefore; a live version released in 1975. Other versions have also been recorded by The Neighborhood, Maire Brennan, Amy Grant, and Counting Crows. Counting Crows Version Joni Mitchell- Original They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique and a swinging hot spot

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

They took all the trees and put 'em in a tree museum
And they charged all the people a dollar and a half just to see 'em

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

Hey farmer, farmer, put away that DDT now
Give me spots on my apples but leave me the birds and the bees (please!)

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

Late last night the screen door slam
And a big yellow taxi took away my old man away

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got til it's gone
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot (3x) This song relates to feed because the line "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" is saying that something beautiful and natural which we assume is a forest was cut down to make a parking lot. Also in this song the line "don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone," which means that before they cut down the forest they saw it only as potential space that wasn't being used but when they cut it down people began to miss seeing it in all its beauty and where sad to see it replaced with a slab of concrete. They didn't realize the beauty around them until it was too late. This is like Feed because on page 125 Titus' dad says "Jefferson park?... that was knocked down to make an air factory" when a near by forest is demolished. They cut down the trees for a factory that makes air even though tree's make air which Violet points out. In both situations trees were cut down without any real excuse, a parking lot and an air factory are definitely not worth while causes. It's the End of the World (As We Know It) "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" is a song by the rock band R.E.M., which appeared on their 1987 album Document, the 1988 compilation Eponymous, and the 2006 compilation And I Feel Fine...

This song is about the end of the world, it talks about ways the world could end, like earthquake, continental drift, hurricane, population overflow etc. This is like how Violet always talks about her belief of the world ending and how we will all die. The 2012 phenomenon was a range of eschatological beliefs that cataclysmic or transformative events would occur around 21 December 2012. This date was regarded as the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar a.k.a The maya Calendar made by the Mayans. In the book Feed Violet thinks that the end of the world is near approaching just like the days before December 21st when some people thought it would really happen. Although speculations proved false in this case the world could certainly end not far from the era of the book like Violet believes. Violet also has read about the Mayans and is interested in them. "I went up, and willed the light. The light was worked by a string. You pulled it sometimes, and the light went on" said Titus on page 193. The light in the attic of the house was old and wasn't up to date with feed technology. Titus had to manually turn the light on and off by puling the string instead of being able to do it through his feed. This is the equivalent of today's "clapper" which makes the lights go on and off with just the sound of a clap. With the clapper it is still manually turning on or off the light but it's just easier. The clapper and the feedlink lights are both prime examples of our increasing laziness as human beings. We cant even get up to go turn the light on or off we need to be able to do it without moving from our place. Going from the light switch to the clapper to the feedlink light also show the evolution of our technology. First we have to get up to use the lights then the clapper allows us to use the lights by simply clapping then feedlink allows us to use lights without even the slightest movement, because its all in the feed, you just need to think "light on" or "light off." In the year 2019, Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta live with others in an isolated compound. Their community is governed by a set of strict rules. The residents believe that the outer world has become too contaminated for human life with the exception of one island. Every week a lottery is conducted and the winner gets to leave the compound to live on the island. It turns out that they are really just clones out people living outside of the compound, above ground. Everyone in the compound is a clone of a wealthy person outside who have had a clone made in case they need a body part, lung, organ etc. in case of illness or accident. This allows people to live longer and stay healthier, the people think that they're clones are never really alive, they think they're in a jelly filled tube until needed but because technology is not advanced enough they are forced to let the clones live normal lives underground until they win the lottery. When they win the lottery they don't really go to "the island" they are killed for body parts because they're owner has requested something. This movie relates to Feed because it is about clones, Link from Feed is also a clone. "i don't think you want to know... it wont help your worry... about civilization ending and stuff." "He's a government experiment. He was cloned from the bloodstains found on Lucy Lincoln's opera cloak." said Titus "so he's a genetic clone of Abraham Lincoln." replied Violet. Link is a clone of Abraham Lincoln, a man dead for many years where as in The Island they are cloning people who are still alive. This tells us that the technology in feed is more advanced because the blood is an old stain that they were able to replicate and make link. In the Island is set only 6 years from now, they may be making clones in mass production but the technology is not yet advanced enough to even do what they claim to be doing. Another way that this relates to Feed is that it presents a dark look into the future of mankind. People get clones so that they can live longer and look younger. Lincoln Six Echo from The Island is the only clone that knows what is going on even though he's not sure exactly he knows something is wrong. He brings his friend Jordan Two Delta into it, she is skeptical at first but then also realizes what is going on. The two escape to find Lincoln's clone just before Jordan is sent to "The Island". This is like Feed because Violet knows that the feed is taking over and is bringing the world to its fate early and she begins to bring Titus into it as well. None of the others can look past their feed to see whats happening around them. In the Island no one wants to believe that all they live (the island) for is a lie. Lyrics Lyrics "Ads Preferences Manager allows you to view and edit the information that Google uses to show you interest-based ads on websites in Google’s ad network. Your interests are associated with an advertising cookie that’s stored in your browser. Using Ads Preferences Manager you can edit the categories associated with this cookie." This is the new personalized advertisement system made by Google. It claims to provide less advertisements of better quality and relevance as opposed to lots of useless ads. In feed Violet says "They do these demographic studies that divide everyone up into a few personality types.. you get ads based on what you supposedly like" while referring to the system the feed uses to decide which ads to show to different people. The system Violet is referring to is similar to Google's new advertising system, both show custom ads. In feed ads choice is based on recent purchases and is all Feed generated where as Google bases they're ads on recent searches. Twilight In feed when Titus is in the hospital he talks about he cant live with the feed and he cant live without it either. He cant live without the feed because its connected to his brain and will probably die if they took it out. He wouldnt have acces to unlimited information, games and shows on the feed. He cant live with it because he knows its run by big cooperation like American Feedware, Feedlink and OnFeed to pretty much control everyone's mind. "Who knows what evil shit they're up to... but they're the only way to get all this stuff... they're still going to control everything whether you like it or not." So if he doesn't have a feed he wont be able to get anything and everyone will be way ahead of him. But if he keeps the feed he has to live not knowing what they could be using the feed to do to his brain, change his opinions and sway his decisions in they're favor. Cant Live With It
Cant Live Without It Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare is about forbidden love between two teenagers from rival families. Romeo loves Juliet so much that he can't live without her so when Romeo finds out she is dead he kills himself. Juliet was never really dead though, she was pretending so she could escape and run off with Romeo. When Juliet woke up to a dead Romeo she too killed herself. So they cant live with each other because they're families forbid they're love and they cant live without each other because they are in love. See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you

Sleight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait without you

With or without you
With or without you

Through the storm we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give
And you give
And you give yourself away With or Without you "With or Without You" is a song by Irish rock band U2. It is the third track from their 1987 album, The Joshua Tree, and was released as the album's first single on 21 March 1987. The song was the group's most successful single at the time, becoming their first number-one hit in both the United States and Canada by topping the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks and the RPM national singles chart for one week.
This song is about a man who cant live with or without the girl he loves. Which goes along with the last two connections (Twilight and Romeo and Juliet.) He cant live without her because he loves her but in this case he doesn't specify why he cannot live with her. My hands are tied
My body bruised, she's got me with
Nothing to win and
Nothing left to lose

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give
And you give
And you give yourself away

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you Lyrics Steve Titus' Mom Titus Smell Factor Family Tree I babysit two children ages 5 and 8, they each got the new iPad mini for Christmas, when I asked them if they got and toys they said iPad mini, I asked again "but, what toys did you get" they repeated "iPad mini." My point is that they didn't understand that iPad’s are not toys, it's a tool and it's a huge privilege. They didn't seem to believe that no one in my house has an iPad, they thought everyone did. One night I was babysitting them and they asked how old I was when I got my first iPod and I said "13" they were shocked to find out that iPod touch didn't even exist until I was 13 and there were no iPod's at all until I was 10. The young children of today remind me of the gang in Feed because they can't imagine a life with out there apple products just like Titus and his Feed. My generation reminds me of the gang from Feed because we can't imagine computers and cell phones not existing just like they can't imagine feeds not yet being invented. Babysitting The Lazy Song
- Bruno Mars This song is about being lazy and sitting around all day and not caring about anything around you. This is like Feed because civilization is becoming lazy and they don't care about the mysterious disappearances of towns and the lakes that are so unsafe you need a suit to go near, the pollution etc. People don't care in feed, everyone is too distracted by the feed. Movies Thoughts about the Book: At first I thought Feed was the dumbest book I had ever read but as i read further and began to understand the depth of the book and what the message was and what the author was trying to show i began to understand it and I began to like the book and feel for the characters. I thought the book wasn't very well written, it lacked imagery. I found it very difficult to picture the characters in my mind and for the few characters I could picture, it would change every chapter. Anderson created imagery of the setting but not enough with the characters. I also felt that the author could have written the book in English instead of future teenager made up slang. I like the slang but I think that it was only necessary for certain parts of the book not all, maybe just dialogue. Inventions of the Book UpCars: The cars of the future, they float instead of driving on the ground. They have autopilot so you don't even need to drive, instead of roads they drive in droptubes. The Feed: The feed is the computer of the future. Its all inside you brain no need to plug it in or carry anything around. All the information is accessible through your mind. Everything the internet offers, the feed offers. You can chat with friends, play games and surf the web without even the touch of a button. In Feed the beaches are so contaminated it is required to wear a protective suit to visit them. The atmosphere is so full of pollution that it has killed the ozone layer. This means that weather and night and day is predetermined by your neighborhood council. The weather and sun light is created by a bubble in the sky. There are no longer clouds just Clouds™. The water is too contaminated to swim in and fish are rare. Up Ellie from the movie "UP" reminds me of ViIolet. She is the wife of the main character Carl. They met when they were just little kids. Ellie led an ordinary life but had dreams
far from it. She had an "Adventure Book"
full of all the things she wanted to do
before she died. She had one thing left on the list before she died, it was to bring they're house to Paradise Falls where they're hero Charles F. Muntz the explorer lived. When she dies her husband Carl takes it upon himself to bring they're house to paradise falls. Being a balloon salesman he's stocked up on balloons and uses them to float his house. A boy scout gets trapped on the porch and ends up coming along for the journey. While on they're way they team up with a talking dog and a bird? I'm not sure exactly but its a bird like creature. In the end they make it to paradise falls. Violet wants to live an ordinary life but is not ordinary and has big dreams just like Ellie. Violet makes a big list of things she wants to do before she dies and Ellie made a book. They both wish to see the world, be outdoors and live life to its fullest. Ellie loves Carl with all her heart just as Violet loves Titus. Carl puts things off and isn't the best person he knows he can be until Ellie dies when he realizes that he hasn't been the best person and husband. This is like Titus, he doesn't really care about her but when shes dying he sticks up to her dad and regrets being such a bad boyfriend. Today's Equivalence Environmental Issues FEED
UNIT Titus' Gang Quendy: Jelous of Calista, tries to get Link's attention all the time, got cosmetic lesions all over to top Calista and dates Titus towards the end of the book.
Loga: Titus' old girlfriend
Marty: Good at any game, loud obnoxious and his Nike tatoo
Link: Clone of Abraham Lincoln.
Calista: Link's girlfriend, first of the gang to get cosmetic lesions, makes him say Nike in every sentence (near the end of the book.)
gets in a fight with Violet. Titus' dad
Consumerist, works for a Banking corporation
Bought Titus an Upcar Works in design Main charactor Titus' little brother
Obsessed with his feed, gets out of hand sometimes. On page 123 Titus is trying to decide on which upcar to buy, he is stuck between the Swarp and the Dodge Gryphon; both cars have advantages and disadvantages. The Dodge can fit all his friends but it was a little lumbering, the Swarp was sportier and brag but wouldn’t have room for any friends. Titus finally decided on the Dodge Gryphon in red. The reminds me of a movie I’ve seen called Cadillac Man where Robin Williams is a car salesman and he has a customer who can’t decide between two cars but finally chooses practical over style. In Twilight Bella Swan is human and Edward Cullen is a Vampire, they are in love. There is conflict here because it is dangerous for Bella to be with him because there's a chance of him or another vampire sucking her blood. There so in love but she is in danger so she cant live without him and she cant live with him. THE END.
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