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Confrontation and Assertivenesss

No description

Andi Kelley

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Confrontation and Assertivenesss

Confrontation and Assertiveness
...a state of conflict between two antagonistic forces, creeds, or ideas etc.
Before and During Confrontation...
Be Tentative
Proceed Gradually
Steps for
Confronting Residents
Identify the behavior you are observing
Describe the effects of the behavior
Make your request for what you would like them to do to change their behavior
Back to Basics
Why do we confront?
To hold students accountable for their actions.
To assist students in making intelligent decisions.
To help develop residents into positive members of the Kenyon community.
To utilize education in order to modify behavior.
When do we confront?
Policy violations
Other examples?
Behavior that is damaging to the community
Inappropriate Comments
Noise Concerns
Ways to confront:
Ignore or do not express own rights, needs, or desires
Permit others to infringe on your rights
Emotionally dishonest, indirect, inhibited
Allow other to choose
Express own rights at the expense of others
Inappropriate outburst or hostile interaction
Intent to humiliate
Choose for yourself
Express and Assert your rights,needs, and desires
Stand up for legitimate rights in a way that does not violate others
Emotionally honest and direct
Choose for yourself
How are confrontation and mediation related?
Steps to Mediate
Need to do some work before the actual mediation...
1. Environment
2. Ground Rules
3. Time to talk
4.Re-tell in your words
5. Review Roommate Agreement
6. Compromise/Solution
7. Follow-Up
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