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Welcome to Camden Falls

No description

Laura Cody

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Camden Falls

Welcome to Camden Falls
*Mrs. DuVane
Flora and Ruby are sisters. They live with Min (their grandma) because their parents died in a car accident. They move with Min to Camden Falls in the row of houses. Min works at Needle and Thread with Gigi. Gigi is Olivia's Grandmother. Olivia lives next door to Flora and Ruby. They become good friends.
By: Lucy Gruidl
By: Ann M. Martin
Soon a woman named Mrs. DuVane brings a girl named Nikki to her sewing class at Needle and Thread. Nikki meets Olivia, Flora and Ruby. At first they aren't friends because they got in a fight. Later on they become friends. Nikki doesn't get to see her friends very often because of her father. Both of her parents get drunk and her father doesn't let her out that often.
Later Nikki gets a bike from her brother Tobias. Nikki can now head into town to see her friends at Needle and Thread. Summer is coming to the end and Flora and Ruby will be starting school. Flora, Olivia and Nikki will all be starting 6th grade. You will learn more about 6th grade if you read the second book,
Needle and Thread
I recommend this book for ages 10 and up. The book is a little confusing because they switch to talk about other characters a lot. Also I would recommend this book for girls because it is about girls and their friendships.
"The characters (Ann M. Martin) creates... are likely to keep readers coming back to the series for a long time." The Washington Post

"It is good that she makes it really easy to keep on reading." Lucy (ME)

"Martin's easy style, appealing characters, and obvious love of place will keep readers going." Booklist

"Camden Falls, with its row of houses, quirky characters
and strong, level-headed women is almost a
character itself." Kirkus Reviews
*A little SAD
*Well TOLD
The Book
Ann M. Martin
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