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The Fault In our stars

No description

Madison DiMauro

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of The Fault In our stars

An Imperial Affliction
When Hazel and Augustus first meet, they find that they share a love for reading. Hazel tells Augustus about her favorite book,
An Imperial Affliction
, which is about a girl with cancer. However, the book ends in the middle of a sentence, showing that the narrator either died or got too sick to write. But Hazel and Augustus want answers about what happens to the other characters. When they email the author of the novel, Peter Van Houten, claims he can only give Hazel and Augustus the answers in person. However, Peter Van Houten lives in Amsterdam, and Hazel's condition makes it harder to travel.
Hazel gets permission from her doctors to go to Amsterdam with her mother and Augustus to meet Peter Van Houten and learn what happens in the end of
An Imperial Affliction.
Augustus Waters
Augustus Waters is a charming 17 year old boy who is determined to love Hazel, regardless of what may happen in the future. He met Hazel at the cancer support group. Augustus' leg was amputated after he got Osteosarcoma. He, unlike Hazel, wants to be remembered when he dies.
Peter Van Houten
Peter Van Houten is the author of Augustus and Hazel's favorite book;
An Imperial Affliction.
He is also the antagonist.
Hazel Grace Lancaster
Hazel is the protagonist of the story. She is 16 and has stage IV lung cancer. She is sarcastic and humorous but keeps to herself. Hazel knows that she won't be around much longer and doesn't want to gt close to anyone so when she dies they won't be hurt. Because Hazel is depressed, her mother makes her go to a cancer support group.
Isaac is Augustus's best friend. He convinced Augustus to start coming to
the support group. Also, Isaac has eye cancer.
The theme of the fault in our stars is identity. In the beginning of the story, Hazel begins to question herself: Is she so wrapped up in her illness that she's forgetting to live her life? Throughout the book, she gets her answer from a boy, a book, and, herself. Hazel learns that the world is not a wish-granting factory, but even so, she should live her life and enjoy it.
The theme of the story is...
I would rate this book 5 stars because...
The book was very nicely written and well plotted- it was never too slow and boring, but there was never so much going on at once that it was overwhelming.
Hazel and Augustus come back to the hotel. They talk for a little while, and Hazel discovers something about Augustus that will change both of their lives. Read the book to find out what happens next!
But Everyting Changes
When Hazel and Augustus meet Van Houten and are about to find answers about An Imperial Affliction
Isaac must decide whether to live with cancer or go blind
When Hazel discovers something about Augustus that may change both of their lives
Madison DiMauro
Language Arts 1 & 3
Independent DEAR Project (prezi)

Person vs. disease: Hazel is fighting cancer
Person vs. Self: Hazel and Augustus want to know how
An Imperial Affliction
Person vs. self: Hazel knows she has a limited amount of time before she dies
Person vs. person: Hazel and Augustus try to convince Van Houten to give them answers.
Present-day Indianapolis, Indiana
Present-day Amsterdam, Netherlands
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