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TAP Bottles Promo

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Pat Duggan

on 6 April 2012

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Transcript of TAP Bottles Promo

TAP Bottles Teens Against Plastic Bottles Our mission: to eliminate plastic bottles from our school community. Who Are We? We are a group of teens who want to make a difference by removing plastic water bottles from our school and local community. Where are we from? We are from Balmoral Junior Secondary School in North Vancouver. How we decided to start TAP Bottles... Our counselor had connections with Catherine Eagles and suggested we particapate in Justice High a group that is commited to making a difference through the UN Millenium Devolpment Goals.
We began meeting with Catherine twice a month and at some point we came across Jennifer Hao's story.
We were inspired by her commitment and work toward removing plastic water bottles from the Burnaby School District.
We decided to start TAP Bottles and try to do the same! THE FUTURE... Our Dreams and Visions: Raise awarness in our school and community.
Stop people from buying plastic bottles by providing an alternative.
Replace plastic bottles with reusable BPA free water bottles.
To remove plastic bottles from our school and local community. Current Projects... Raising awarness in our school with posters and an assembly.
Selling our water bottles to provide an alternative to plastic bottles.
Talking with Y Yoga about selling our water bottles in their studios
And presenting 4 YOU! :D

Water Bottle Design
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