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Text Evidence

No description

Shane Sampson

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Text Evidence

Text Evidence
From "The Death of Balder" and "Coyote Steals the Sun and Moon"

"All the gods celebrated Balder's invincible power, except one. Loki, the trickster, grew jealous as he watched the gods at their play." (Osborne 1025)

"Why do you not throw something at Balder?" asked Loki. (Osborne 1025)

"At this time the world was still dark; the sun and moon had not yet been put in the sky. "Friend," Coyote said to Eagle, "no wonder I can't catch anything; I can't see. Do you know where we can find some light?" (Erdoes and Ortiz 1026)

"If it weren't for Coyote's curiosity and mischief making, we wouldn't have winter; we could enjoy summer all the time." (Erdoes and Ortiz 1028)
Why you should use it
You need to use text evidence whenever you use text from a story, newspaper, book, etc, in your writing. You should use lots of text evidence in your short answer writings and in your essays because it helps backup your answer and make you sound more professional.
By: Shane S, Nick M, Carson W, and Carter C
What is it?
Text evidence is used to support a thesis or argument. It is text from the writing to support your claim. Without text evidence your claim would be very weak, resulting in a bad short answer or essay. Text evidence is usually a quote from the text separated by quotation marks and labeled with the author and the page number of the text.
Finding it
The first thing you need to is pay lots of attention the story while you are reading the story. Then write a thesis and find text that supports it. If your thesis says your character is jealous, find an example of him showing that emotion and use it!
How to Write it
To write it start with a quotation. Then write the text evidence. Once done add another quotation mark. Then add the authors name and page number of the text in parenthesis.
This it what it should look like:
" Text" ( Page # Author)
To embed text evidence in your writing you simply pick out phrases or sentences from the writing and use it in your writing. You might want to use emotions or how the main character reacts to another character as a part you might want to embed in your writing. An example of using embedding in your sentence is: John and Maya were "the best of friends forever and ever" (Sampson 1) in "Mariachi Band" by by Shane Sampson.
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