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Employee Profile: Ashley Ney-Vollmer

There's more to me than just my resume. Learn more here!

Ashley Ney-Vollmer

on 28 October 2017

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Transcript of Employee Profile: Ashley Ney-Vollmer

"Ashley is also very resourceful and creative. Rather than tell you she can't complete a task, she'll track down the
resources to make it happen."- Todd Wegner, Parks and Rec Supervisor 2011-12

"Ashley is one of our department's all-time best students. I say this with no exaggeration or establishment. She was
our first Mass Communications major to ever graduate with a perfect 4.0 grade point average."
- Jason Genovese, Bloomsburg University Professor

"I think what I enjoyed most about working with Ashley is that she is a straight shooter. She will give her opinion, come
up with solutions and share her ideas for improvement in a way that is positive and quietly enthusiastic."
- Laurie Prax, owner KVAK Radio
I am independent and proactive.

I can efficiently structure my own schedule, ensuring that work gets done on-time. I actively look for tasks that need to get done and ways to improve my projects and workplace.

I keep communcation channels open.
I utilize progress reports to keep my boss and co-workers in the loop on the status of active projects. In addition, when working with multiple departments I actively seek out feedback on collaborative workflow.
I work systematically.
When necessary, I create my own systems to process workflow faster and maximize efficiency. I'm a huge fan of using a checklist and frequently employ them to ensure that no element of a project or production is overlooked.

I prioritize effectively.
I am good at understanding what aspects of a project are more urgent than others and ranking my to-do list accordingly. In addition, I check to make sure that my work priorities line up with my supervisors' expectations to ensure that my projects effectively plug into department goals.
I am a certified interpretive guide!
What does that mean?
It means I successfully completed training with the National Association of Interpretation and that I can lead tours and design programs that engage audiences and illuminate the meaning inherent in our natural, cultural, and historic resources.

How will this help you if you're not in the business of resource interpretation?
Good interpretation is founded on an interpreter's ability to connect with an audience and convey not just information, but meaning. By having me on your team you will have someone who is able to the heart of what you want to communicate to your audience and the skills to make the message stick.
The Job Search Journal
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Hi, I'm Ashley!

I know that when you are searching for a new hire, you need to consider more than just their education and work experience. So I would like to help you get to know me and show you some of the additional benefits I can bring to your business.

I am a self-motivated individual. I work hard, provide solutions, treat my
co-workers with respect, and can be counted on to act responsibly both in and out of the workplace. I have an active mind and am always looking for new ways to learn and improve both my job performance and myself. I bring a positive attitude to daily tasks and stressful situations. I don't participate in workplace gossip and strive to create a work environment that builds others up instead of tearing them down.
to spend time in the great outdoors! Whether exploring somewhere new or revisiting an old haunt, it's pretty much true that I am happiest when I am out on a trail.

Foreign Languages
I've been independently studying Spanish for three years now, and although I am not yet fluent, I'm working hard to reach that goal. I am fascinated by linguistics and I enjoy learning about the history of human language. In addition to studying Spanish, I have also dabbled in basic ASL and Japanese, and I hope to intensify my study of these languages in the future.

Here's a snapshot of some of my recent reads: The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot by Robert MacFarlane, The Adventure Gap by James Edward Mills, and Pu Songling's Strange Tales From A Chinese Studio.
As part of a military family, I have had the privilege of living in some unique environments, including the island of Guam and the town of Valdez, Alaska. Living and working in these locations (and relocating according to a military schedule) has helped me develop an aptitude for adapting to new environments and conditions that can make me an asset to your organization. I respond to challenges and unexpected developments with resilience, quickly adjust to new office practices and policies, and rapidly improve my on-the-job performance by acquiring new skills. Traveling around the globe has also given me a deep appreciation of other cultures, has exposed me to new ideas that help me provide creative solutions, and has given me a widely varied skill-set.
Quotes taken from letters of recommendation. Please contact me at aneyvollmer@gmail.com for the full versions.
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